ProMax ADAS Solutions Opens in Anaheim, CA

Art Cadena opened the new facility after realizing how important ADAS calibration is and will continue to be.


Car ADAS Solutions announced the opening of a new licensee location in Anaheim, CA, ProMax ADAS Solutions. Owner Art Cadena is proud to debut the 3,400-square-foot facility dedicated to calibrations.

Ten months into becoming an auto technician, Cadena realized how important ADAS calibration is and will continue to be. After doing some research and contacting the Car ADAS team, he decided to open a calibration facility to help ensure the safety of drivers.

"My thought is that anyone, including customers, pedestrians and drivers, can be in danger of an accident if their ADAS is not properly calibrated," Cadena said. "I want to provide safety for automobile drivers before any accidents occur."

The Car ADAS team is excited to welcome Cadena and his new facility.

“We are confident that Cadena's knowledge and expertise will make him an invaluable asset to the Anaheim area,” said Kevin Caruso, COO of Car ADAS Solutions. “He prides himself on providing quality repairs and shares our vision of 'Making the world a safer place to drive.’”

"The Anaheim area is filled with body shops that need calibration support," said Cadena. “In the future, I'd like to expand to other cities in California. The more people we can reach and help, the safer our roads will be."

The facility is equipped with the latest ADAS calibration equipment and technology. It will offer services for all major manufacturers and models. With a focus on safety, Cadena plans to hire and train technicians to ensure they are properly equipped to handle any ADAS calibration needs. Cadena added that his current facility is proud to also offer services such as programming, module programming and wire harness/ wiring repair.

This being his first location, Cadena was looking for a partner who could provide the training and support needed to help him get his business started.

"The Car ADAS real estate team helped me to sort through the zoning regulations involved in opening a new facility in California," Cadena said. "The sales support has also been tremendous; my background is not in sales, so having that help to get my facility up and running has been invaluable."

Cadena was also impressed with the attention to detail and thorough training provided by Car ADAS Solutions. He noted the team goes above and beyond to make sure their partners are well-equipped to handle any ADAS calibration needs that come their way. 

In the future, Cadena plans to open additional locations in California and continue to partner with Car ADAS Solutions. He wants to expand his reach and help more drivers by providing top-quality ADAS calibration services.

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