Car ADAS Solutions’ Calibration Tech Certification Program Recognized by I-CAR

The achievement will allow technicians and shops to apply training credits to I-CAR Platinum and Gold Class recognition.

Car ADAS Solutions recently completed a training class in Salt Lake City, UT.

Car ADAS Solutions announced its ADAS Calibration Technician Certification Program has been qualified by I-CAR for Industry Training Alliance course credits, becoming one of only 20+ such alliance partners nationwide. Car ADAS Solutions’ program was developed in 2020 as part of the company’s ADAS solution for the industry.

“As an I-CAR sustaining partner, we are proud to have our program be recognized as an I-CAR Industry Training Alliance course,” said Greg Peeters, CEO of Car ADAS Solutions. “Utilizing I-CAR’s online courses as a prerequisite for our 80-hour hands-on training program allows us to focus on tactile learning, including calibration, programming, diagnostic and repair skills."

Peeters said this enables Car ADAS Solutions to develop a solid technical foundation that team members continue to build on through the company’s technical support and quality assurance programs.

“We value our partnership with I-CAR, their leadership, and the great work they are doing for our industry,” he added.

“We stand for quality training, not just I-CAR training,” said John Van Alstyne, CEO and president of I-CAR. “As we proactively respond to the changes ADAS is driving in the collision repair industry, we embrace the opportunity to add our sustaining partner, Car ADAS Solutions, to the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance. This recognition allows technicians and shops that invest their resources into training to apply their achievement to the ultimate designations of I-CAR Platinum and Gold Class.”

The I-CAR Industry Training Alliance acknowledges the accomplishments of training through qualified providers. Technicians can train with I-CAR and alliance partners, receiving credits for approved courses, and facilitating their attainment of Platinum and Gold Class certifications. There is no additional cost to the learner or collision repair facility.

“Not only does this reduce redundant training, but it also greatly benefits individuals and businesses by simplifying the education process and improving overall industry efficiency while encouraging a continuous learning mindset for the ultimate benefit and safety of the consumer,” explained Van Alstyne. “It is a win-win for the industry.”

To qualify, alliance partners must be I-CAR sustaining partners and hold accreditation from a recognized third-party accreditor, like International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) or Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), or be an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-accredited trainer.

They must also offer courses that meet the nonprofit organization’s industry knowledge and skills protocol. The protocol sets educational knowledge and skills objectives necessary to perform complete, safe and quality repairs, as defined by the collision repair industry in cooperation with I-CAR.

“Through Industry Training Alliance partnerships with Car ADAS and other collaborators, I-CAR strives to improve and simplify access to education opportunities, ensuring technicians possess the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to industry changes,” said Van Alstyne.

In recognition of the increasing significance of ADAS expertise in the industry, I-CAR introduced a professional development path for ADAS technicians in 2022, offering Platinum recognition under the newly launched ADAS technician role. Van Alstyne said this acknowledged the growing importance of ADAS-related roles and provided a structured path for technicians to enhance their skills in this area, underscoring the need for specialized training in response to the prevalence of ADAS-equipped vehicles.

It is currently an “optional role” not required for shop’s Gold Class achievement; Gold Class does require a selection of foundational ADAS-related courses to help ensure shops are aware of repair requirements.

“Through partnerships with industry leaders like Car ADAS, technicians have more opportunities to stay updated on the latest technology developments, aligning with I-CAR's ongoing efforts to attract and deploy skilled technician talent throughout the industry,” he added.

For individuals striving to achieve Platinum as evidence of their expertise in the growing field of ADAS, Van Alstyne said having options for completing the capstone course requirement of a hands-on course is an advantage that collision repair professionals deserve.

“I-CAR champions technical education like Car ADAS Solutions provides that supports and complements the nonprofit organization’s vision that every person in the collision repair industry has the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer,” noted Van Alstyne.

He said addressing the demands of ADAS repairs, one of the fastest growing and most technically demanding aspects of the collision repair industry, underscores the importance of preparedness among repair shops nationwide.

“Shops prioritizing ADAS training and related competencies will be well-positioned to lead repair services in their local markets,” he said.

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