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Car-O-Liner® PointX® II Helps K & M Collision Efficiently Pre-Measure Every Vehicle

The North Carolina shop has several OEM certifications, making it important to use automaker-approved equipment.

The Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X3 and Car-O-Tronic® on the BenchRack™ help K & M Collision technicians return a Range Rover to pre-accident manufacturer regulations.

K & M Collision in Hickory, NC, is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on processes, quality and the staff who make it possible.

“We’re highly consumer and certification driven,” said Vice President of Operations K. Michael Bradshaw.

K & M Collision
Hickory, NC
Facebook: @kandmcollision
Twitter: @KM_Collision
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Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 35
In Business Since: 1991
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 35,000 square feet

Bradshaw added K & M Collision partners with more than 30 OEM certifications. The body shop adopted top-tier equipment and technology from Car-O-Liner® 15 years ago to repair various makes and models correctly.

“Car-O-Liner® has a lot of OEM approvals, so as a certified repair facility, that’s something we’re looking at when we purchase equipment,” Bradshaw explained. “It is not just a matter of the equipment being efficient or innovative or what we need to get the job done; it is also knowing the OEMs have confirmed that this equipment meets their standards and criteria for repairs.”

CarOLiner BenchRack1K & M Collision uses the Car-O-Liner CMI™3000 II Pulse, EVO™ 1, 2, 3, Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X3 and Car-O-Tronic® on the BenchRack™.

Bradshaw said once K & M Collision tested and implemented their first Car-O-Liner® products, their success drove the shop to introduce more equipment into their offerings and repair processes.

When Autobody News asked Bradshaw to name the Car-O-Liner® products used by the collision center, he said, “There’s not much from Car-O-Liner® that we’re not touching.”

K & M Collision incorporates several BenchRack™ systems, the first product they purchased from Car-O-Liner.

“The Car-O-Liner® BenchRack™ has been a game changer for us, allowing repairs on both unibody and full-frame vehicles with precision,” said Bradshaw. “This has not only aligned our work with OEM standards, but also improved our operational efficiency.”

For aluminum repair, K & M Collision uses the Car-O-Liner® CMI™3000 II Pulse.

“The CMI™3000 II Pulse has allowed us to meet the stringent OEM requirements for aluminum welding, enhancing the quality of our structural repairs,” Bradshaw explained. “Its adoption has been pivotal in elevating our workshop’s reputation for specialized aluminum repair.”

The Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X3 and the Car-O-Liner® PointX® II are K & M Collision’s choices for vehicle measuring.

“Employing the Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X3 has perfected our ability to document and correct structural deviations, ensuring every vehicle is returned to its factory specifications,” said Bradshaw. “This rigorous approach has significantly boosted customer confidence in our repairs.”

CarOLiner EquipmentThe CMI™3000 II Pulse, Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X3, Car-O-Tronic® on the BenchRack™ and EVO™ 1, 2, 3 have been “game changers” for the family owned and operated facility.

Bradshaw added K & M Collision pre-measures every vehicle they repair and the Car-O-Liner® PointX® II has helped immensely with that process.

“Every technician here uses the Car-O-Liner® PointX® II to measure the front and rear structure of a vehicle within their repair bay versus having to run the vehicle up on a frame machine to set it up and measure it,” he explained. “So, for a diagnostic measuring application, the Car-O-Liner® PointX® II has solved many problems within our facility by allowing us to measure every vehicle efficiently.”

Bradshaw said he feels all body shops should pre-measure vehicles for safety and as an additional profit center.

“It’s a matter of doing it properly with the correct tools, which Car-O-Liner® provides,” he added.

K & M Collision also implements manufacturer-specific tools from Car-O-Liner® .

“For the CTR 12000, we have the branded version with the required software for repairing Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw said their body shop also houses the Car-O-Liner® EVO™ 1, 2, 3 Anchoring and Holding with manufacturer-specific attachments for the anchoring points.

“The EVO™ systems from Car-O-Liner® have equipped us with advanced anchoring and fixturing capabilities, crucial for adapting to new vehicle designs and repair techniques,” Bradshaw said. “This adaptability has kept us ahead in the industry, ensuring high-quality repairs across a variety of vehicles.”

Bradshaw said the service side is the next important factor contributing to their longstanding partnership.

“Anytime there has been an issue, our Car-O-Liner® distributor has been able to solve the problem or get us a replacement while a piece of equipment gets serviced,” he said.

Bradshaw said when equipment like this goes down, it can create a massive problem in the production flow.

“Having the ability to know if that happens, somebody is going to be here promptly to make sure we can get it corrected as quickly as possible has also been a big emphasis for us,” said Bradshaw. “This level of reliability is not the case with many of the equipment vendors we deal with, especially with the in-the-frame equipment business.”

Bradshaw concluded by sharing his satisfaction with the training his team has received from Car-O-Liner® .

“The Car-O-Liner® comprehensive training programs have been invaluable, ensuring our technicians are not only skilled in using the equipment, but also deeply understand the repair processes,” he said. “This depth of knowledge has led to more efficient repairs and heightened customer satisfaction.”

Car-O-Liner® North America
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