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Keep up with the latest collision repair industry news in your area.

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Lithia Motors Acquires Top Buick GMC Dealerships in Memphis
  • southeast
  • Digital Magazine Edition
  • July 2024
  • AL · FL · GA · MS · NC
  • SC · TN · VA · WV
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Rhode Island Tops U.S. for Average Collision Repair Costs
  • northeast
  • Digital Magazine Edition
  • July 2024
  • CT · DE · ME · MD · MA · NH
  • NJ · NY · PA · RI · VT
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Michigan Bill Aims to Ease Burden on Auto Repair Shops
  • midwest
  • Digital Magazine Edition
  • July 2024
  • IL · IN · IA · KS · KY · MI · MN
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Regional News

Keep up with the latest collision repair industry news in your area.

map of united states

The Lighter Side

  • Chip Foose Hot Rods A Mail Truck

    Chip Foose Hot Rods A Mail Truck

    That’s it, he’s finally jumped the shark!

  • Crash Champions Acquires 2 New Jersey Repair Centers

    Crash Champions Acquires 2 New Jersey Repair Centers

    PublishedSept. 6, 2023

    Crash Champions on Sept. 6 announced the addition of two New Jersey repair centers. 

    The announcement comes following the successful acquisition of Terry’s Auto Body in Whippany, NJ, and Towne Auto Restoration in Randolph, NJ. The pair of high-quality repair centers join the growing Crash Champions network effective immediately.

    Crash Champions now expands its New Jersey footprint to six locations, complementing a premier lineup of more than 600 repair centers in 36 states and Washington, DC. 

    “Terry’s Auto Body and Towne Auto Restoration have strong legacies delivering consistent, quality repair service to customers across the area,” said Matt Ebert, founder and CEO of Crash Champions. “Their commitment to operational excellence aligns seamlessly with our strategic growth plan, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the Crash Champions team.” 

    The acquisition officially closed Aug. 25. 

    “After more than 50 years of serving customers in Morris County, this is a proud step for both collision centers," said Michael Melillo, owner of Terry's Auto Body and Towne Auto Restoration. "We are certainly proud of the hard-earned reputation that we built by providing personal and trusted service to the local community. Now, we couldn't be prouder to join a like-minded organization such as Crash Champions, which will provide the same superior service, now backed by a nationally trusted brand and support team." 

    Independent collision repair centers and owners interested in joining the Crash Champions team are encouraged to visit to learn more about the process and opportunities available.

    Source: Crash Champions

  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat Transformed Into Off-Road Machine

    But is it functional?

  • Ford Bronco Jumps Better Than The General Lee

    Unpopular opinion, but it’s true…

  • Museum of American Speed Celebrates 100th Anniversary of the Ten-Millionth Model T Ford by Traveling Sea to Sea

    The Ten Millionth Model T

    The Museum of American Speed announced today their plans to make a coast-to-coast trip from New York to San Francisco in a 1924 Model T Ford to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ten-millionth Model T Ford.

  • National Corvette Museum Celebrates Resilience with Sinkhole Exhibit

    Corvette Museum Celebrates Resilience with Sinkhole Exhibit

    From Disaster to Triumph: A Decade Since the Sinkhole.

  • Ohio Man Spends Decades Hunting Down Mom’s Classic Olds

    After his mom died unexpectedly decades ago, one man was dedicated to hunting down her Cutlass Supreme to buy it back.

  • On The Lighter Side: 1950s Gangster Lead-Sled Shows Off Its Custom Bodywork

    This custom cruiser is chopped, sectioned, and dropped.

  • On The Lighter Side: 5 Funny Ticket Excuse Stories That Are Comedy Gold

    If you're going to fight to get out of a traffic ticket, you might as well make the story good!

  • On The Lighter Side: 5 Of The World’s Hardest To Find Classic Cars

    Seeing these in person would be like finding a unicorn.

  • On the Lighter Side: A Millionaire's Abandoned Classic Car Collection

    On the Lighter Side: A Millionaire's Abandoned Classic Car Collection

    Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious
     Dec. 16, 2022


    These trucks may soon get back on the road.

    There are many classic car collections circulating in the world waiting to be found. Some of them feature absolutely pristine models hidden away in a barn while others show a sad sight of what looks like a graveyard with vintage automobiles riding left and right. However very few are as versatile and interesting as this particular gathering of classic cars. So, let’s answer the question that many of us have had at some point in our lives, what kind of cars do millionaires like?

    Well, it might not surprise you to find out that no matter what their bank account says there’s still people and as such the same stuff that it appeals to you and me appeals to them the same. That’s exactly why you can clearly see many old Ford pick up trucks lying around the property. It’s generally accepted within the classic car community that there’s not much I can be a vintage truck in terms of utility, performance, and style which is likely why so many of them are featured in this collection.

    Across the entire property, it’s clear that this guy had a passion for vintage trucks, Usually from the 1940s and 50s. However there was a pretty cool looking Chevrolet Bel Air sedan which stands out as one of the most popular older models in modern car culture. Overall, the best vehicle in the entire lot has got to be the immaculate riding lawn mower whose beauty has been retained despite its age. All jokes aside, it’s a great collection of cars that the owner is selling for a whopping $1 million which may spell a new chance for these classics to get back on the road once again someday.

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Abandoned Factory Hides Over 40 Classic Cars

    On The Lighter Side: Abandoned Factory Hides Over 40 Classic Cars

    There are some wild rides, including completely custom builds…

    When you’re a celebrity like Richard Rawlings, you’re privy to information and events the rest of us could only dream about. That includes seeing car collections which have been hidden away for a long time. As you already know, in this Gas Monkey adventure the man is checking out a collection of 40-plus cars holed up in an abandoned factory in Montgomery, Alabama.

    Abandoned Factory Hides Over 40 Classic Cars

    This collection is full of Lincolns, Mercuries, and Fords. In other words, if you’re a Blue Oval fan, this will be pretty exciting. However, there are some GM products as they dig deeper, like a ’59 Cadillac limousine once used by the governor of Alabama and a first-year Oldsmobile Toronado. There are also some old Dodge trucks. For good measure, there are also a couple of Audis and some train cars as well as engines. The man who owns the collection comes from an old railroad family, explaining why all the trains.

    Abandoned Factory Hides Over 40 Classic Cars 2

    One of the most interesting vehicles in the collection is a motor home of sorts designed by the guy’s father in 1962. He thought of the idea after taking his family in a station wagon to Yellowstone National Park and back. It was made out of a Ford Econoline with a custom-build body. The styling is very much of the era, giving people sort of an Airstream vibe.

    Abandoned Factory Hides Over 40 Classic Cars 3

    Before he stops at the abandoned factory, Rawlins first does some shopping in Louisiana. For some reason he buys a bunch of Mardi Gras beads. He makes some other stops, like getting dinner at a music club and grabbing breakfast at a Waffle House. If you want to just start with the cars, skip to about 12:50.

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Abandoned Tesla Roadsters Removed From Crates And Headed To U.S.

    We thank Teslarati for reprint permission.

  • On The Lighter Side: Arizona Grinch Gets Pulled Over In The Carpool Lane

    Arizona Grinch Gets Pulled Over In The Carpool Lane

    On The Lighter Side: Arizona Grinch Gets Pulled Over In The Carpool Lane

    Written by Steven Symes, Motorious
     Dec. 21, 2022


    It’s that time of the year when people are using inflatable Christmas decorations to game the HOV lane restrictions…

    A rather odd situation involving someone transporting Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch as a passenger while driving in the carpool lane transpired recently in the Phoenix metro area. An Arizona state trooper noticed the “Seusspicious-looking” passenger riding shotgun and took action, pulling over the scofflaw driver during morning rush hour traffic.

    We’ve seen people try to pull the wool over law enforcement’s eyes in the HOV lane using dummies and other more realistic-looking “passengers” but this is the first time we’ve someone use an inflatable Christmas decoration. Why this driver thought that was clever is beyond us.

    After determining the passenger wasn’t someone wearing a suit, and that nobody was in the backseat, the trooper cited the driver for the HOV lane violation. Just like in many areas, there are time restrictions when nobody driving with just one person in a car can use the carpool lane. The exception is if you have a “clean” vehicle like a hybrid or EV, depending on the regulations where you live.

    Even with the driver’s face blurred, we all know there’s a true Karen behind the wheel. The clothing, the posture, the crap on the dash and rearview mirror say it all. Considering the pain she’s inflicted on countless fast food workers and probably more, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for her not getting off with just a warning.

    As everyone heads out for holiday gatherings and maybe a getaway vacation, we all need to watch out for the rules of the road. Sure, it’s annoying dealing with heavy traffic and the HOV lane can look tempting, but it’s best to just not go there if you’re driving alone or the trip can cost.


    We thank Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Barn Find Hunter Bags Two Classics

    On The Lighter Side: Barn Find Hunter Bags Two Classics

    Written by: Steven Symes, Motorious
    Mar. 17, 2023


    If you’re interested in getting in on the barn find action, you might learn a thing or two from legend Dennis Collins.

    The man has a knack for tracking down some interesting vehicles in places you might not think to look, like Ashely, Illinois and Bloomsdale, Missouri. Hidden away in those towns were a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback and a 1978 Toyota Truck extended cab dually with a camper shell, both rare finds in their own rite. We’ve included the video Collins put together of these two rescues, which is really something to behold.

    According to the 2010 US Census, the population of Ashley, Indiana is a mere 536 people. You probably aren’t visiting the place unless you have a relative living there, but if you do there should be no problem asking anyone where they live. Most people just speed by on Interstate 69, but Dennis Collins arrived to see a vehicle, not a person, in particular the Toyota truck.

    This Toyota has been sitting since 1984, but the owner says it runs “like a sewing machine” if he installs a new battery and puts some gas in the carb – that’s pretty amazing and a big testament to the quality of old Toyotas. What’s more, this Truck is rare, which checks off a big box for Dennis. They guy also has a sweet 1946 Chevrolet Stake Bed which also fires right up, a testament to the quality of that much older truck.

    As for Bloomsdale, Missouri, it boasts a population of 521, or at least it did for the 2010 US Census. We imagine it hasn’t exactly boomed since, but its lack of size doesn’t mean there’s nothing of value in the town. Hidden away on a property is a battered but still valuable 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback. The owner of the car told Dennis it’s been sitting for 20 years and it looks like it’s trying to rejoin the earth.

    Fortunately, the pony was saved and will be enjoying life galloping free again. It used to be Honey Gold, a color Ford only used on 1965 Mustangs, so it would be great if it were restored to that original paint in the process.

    Check out the video to see the rescue of both these classic cars.

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Blind Driver Drag Races The Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock

    Sheldon Wilson Blind Car Racer

    It's not the first time he's made headlines behind the wheel.

  • On The Lighter Side: Bruce Springsteen’s 1969 Chevelle Is Up For Grabs

    Bruce Springsteen's 1969 Chevelle

    On The Lighter Side: Bruce Springsteen’s 1969 Chevelle Is Up For Grabs

    Written by: Steven Symes, Motorious
    May 10, 2023


    Do you want to drive like The Boss?

    The very car Bruce Springsteen referred to in his hit song Racing in the Street is heading to the auction block and it’s getting a lot of attention. Understandably, a lot of people want to cruise down the road in the same ride as The Boss back when he was at his peak. Also, the 1969 Chevelle looks fantastic.

    The Chevy, which is being offered to the public through Mecum Auctions’ Indy 2023 event, was apparently owned by Springsteen from 1981 until he gave it away in December 1987, is of course almost as famous as the musician himself.

    While it was a beloved muscle car, the story is that The Boss gave it to his recording engineer and mixer Toby Scott as a Christmas present in 1987. We can only imagine the shock of receiving such a gift knowing what the Chevelle meant to Springsteen.

    Scott almost immediately put the Chevelle through a rotisserie restoration. For reasons which aren’t entirely clear, that process lasted all the way into 2020 when the car was finally completed. Ultimately, this ride was made just as it was described in Racing in the Streets, so that’s adding to the excitement people have about the upcoming auction.

    You might have seen this ride when, starting in August 2020, it was put on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It was featured along with Springsteen’s surfboard, making for a memorable sight for fans. 

    That curvaceous LeMans Blue body looks great, especially paired with white bucket seats. There’s a period-correct radio that’s not hooked up to the speakers. Not only does this ’69 Chevelle look great, it packs a wallop with a 396 big block V8 paired to a 4-speed manual with a Hurst shifter.




    We thanks Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Buried Mercedes Found In California Mansion Backyard

    On the Lighter Side: Buried Mercedes Found In California Mansion Backyard

    Written by Steven Symes, Motorious
    Oct. 29, 2022

    This is pretty crazy…

    On the morning of October 20, landscapers working in the yard of a multi-million dollar Silicon Valley home in California discovered a buried Mercedes-Benz. Immediately, they called police, who showed up with cadaver dogs, expecting to find the worst. Instead, all they discovered in the interred vehicle were bags of concrete mix, leaving everyone mystified.

    The discovery, which was made in Atherton, initially left police and members of the public baffled. As reports flooded in, aerial footage of the dig didn’t help shed light on just what kind of car was buried in the yard. The only thing known at first was that the vehicle was large, perhaps a full-size sedan or an SUV. Police believed it was hidden back in the 1990s under between 4 and 5 feet of dirt for reasons unknown.

    Adding to everyone’s speculation is the fact the house is a multi-million dollar estate located in one of the most affluent parts of the US. One might expect to find a car buried in some seedy area, a couple of dead bodies in the trunk, but not left underground at a mansion with unused bags of cement inside. The whole thing was just weird.

    Now, everything is coming into sharper focus. According to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, the Mercedes was reported stolen in 1992 and the owner, the late Bocktune Lew, collected $87,000 for the car.

    A neighbor told the media Lew had quite the reputation. The man, who died in 2015, once had been caught in a scam which involved planning to sink his million-dollar yacht by the Golden Gate Bridge, then collect the insurance money.

    Lew also has a notorious history of not only fraud but also murder, for which he was arrested and successfully prosecuted. However, the California Supreme Court reversed his conviction in 1968. But in 1977 he was convicted of two counts of attempted murder, spending three years in prison.

    There's zero confirmation on what model the Mercedes-Benz is, only a mention that it's a convertible. If we were to guess, we'd say it's an SL, but for now no further information has been released to the media.

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Carroll Shelby Describes His Journey In His Own Words

    Carrol Shelby

    On The Lighter Side: Carroll Shelby Describes His Journey In His Own Words

    Written by: Steven Symes, Motorious
    Feb. 03, 2023


    Take a moment to hear an automotive legend speak.

    Shelby, the name stirs up all kinds of feelings among car enthusiasts. Even non-car people recognize it, but they likely don’t know much about the man who made it famous. Carroll Shelby’s influence will likely live on for quite some time. He was in many ways larger than life. That kind of legendary status makes hearing the man describe himself supremely interesting.

    His interest in cars seemed to be ingrained in him from the time Carroll was young, thanks to a father who also loved things with wheels, which is the case with quite a few enthusiasts. That enthusiasm grew as he visited the local racetracks and idolized the men who pushed cars to their limits.

    Getting involved in racing might have seemed like a natural fit, but Shelby says he turned to it because other business ventures bored him too much. He got into motorsports late at age 28, but being behind actually spurred him forward. His wife at the time wasn’t too happy about the prospect of her husband going racing, but that obviously didn’t stop him from signing up as a driver for Aston Martin back before it also became legend.

    It’s also interesting to hear how Shelby’s life could have taken a different path had he taken the three consecutive offers from Ferrari to drive for them. Carroll wasn’t a fan of how Ferrari pitted the drivers against each other, and thus a potent enemy against the Italian automaker was forged.

    As he goes through the other legendary stories from his life, it’s obvious that much of what happened was Shelby just making the best of different situations.

    Ultimately, Carroll Shelby was a human being, just like the rest of us. He may have done plenty of extraordinary things, but he was not some Greek god. Now that it’s been 7 years since his death, it’s important to remember the man behind the legend, instead of just the legend itself.

    We Thank Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Cars From The Richard Rawlings Car Collection


    On The Lighter Side: Cars From The Richard Rawlings Car Collection

    Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious
    Oct. 21, 2022

    Coming from Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N' Loud, our expectations are very high for what Richard Rawlings choose to put in his garage. He got his first car the age of 14, and has seen nearly every make/model you can think of. Most cars don't stick around the garage for very long, and are sold after restoring, but here is a look at a few in his own private collection.

    1968 Shelby Mustang

    Richard Rawlings is Ford Mustang obsessed and thinks it's one of the best cars ever made. He has a 1968 Shelby Mustang, which was built during the first season of Fast N' Loud.The Mustang is inspired by The Thomas Crown Affair. The lifted Mustang has off-road wheels and lighting. A 400-horsepower 347 cubic-inch engine powers the Mustang, which is twice as much power as stock.

    1967 Pontiac Firebird

    We're already familiar with these Firebirds, production 1 and 2. Powered by Pontiac’s 326 cubic inch V8 and backed by an automatic transmission, VIN 001 was a convertible that featured a Regimental Red exterior on a deluxe red interior, power brakes and steering, cruise control, and a very rare, floor-mounted clock. In contrast, VIN 002 was a four-speed car featuring a deluxe black interior, a factory hood-mounted tachometer, a tilt steering column, and Rally II wheels. These two cars represent what was Pontiac’s entrance into a very competitive market.

    1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

    Rawlings got a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am when he was in high school, and now he owns a different example of the one from his teens. The 1977 Trans Am was a beacon of hope for performance cars in the late 70s.

    2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

    This Challenger Hellcat was the second ever made, and it was stolen! Luckily, it was recovered.

    1970 Dodge Challenger

    Rawlings has an old-school Challenger as well. However, it shares the same 707-horsepower as his modern Mopar. The supercharged Hellcat engine gives it the boogie while Wilwood brakes help it stop.

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Check Out A Bankrupt Lottery Winner’s Car Collection

    On The Lighter Side: Check Out A Bankrupt Lottery Winner’s Car Collection

    Written by: Steven Symes, Motorious
    Mar. 31, 2023


    Left to rot for years now, it’s a sad sight…

    You might fantasize about winning the lottery and all the cars you could buy as a result, but the reality is probably a lot worse than you think. After all, a lot of lotto winners end up bankrupt, which is what apparently happened to some guy back in 1985. For whatever reason, his car collection has just sat in his old mansion’s garage ever since. A YouTuber takes us through it.

    Why nobody has done anything with the cars and property all this time isn’t clear. We don’t even know where this place is as the YouTuber for understandable reasons doesn’t want to say. You can see immediately that despite efforts to keep the location secret, some vandals have already helped themselves to car badges, broken windows, spray painted some of the cars, and in general just been dorks.

    While the exterior of these cars, most of which are American 80s models, have taken quite the beating, the interiors look pretty well-preserved. These types of abandoned collections are always fascinating since they’re a way to walk back in time without going to a museum with all its sterilization of history. Instead, you get all the grit and grime of the real world, including how kids think it’s great to vandalize the past because they know so much.

    There are some classics in the garage, all of them American as well. It’s interesting that someone who won the lottery and apparently had plenty of money until he lost everything didn’t run out and buy a Ferrari or anything crazy like that.

    The video starts with the YouTuber talking about himself and how he’s such a massive car guy because he’s wearing a Bugatti hat and other boring details you probably won’t care about. If you don’t want to hear him ramble, skip to 1:30 and start it there.


    We thank Motorious for reprint permission

  • On The Lighter Side: Check Out Joe Rogan's Insanely Epic Car Collection

    On The Lighter Side: Check Out Joe Rogan's Insanely Epic Car Collection

    Joe Rogan is best known as a comedian and UFC commentator with a distinct voice that is instantly recognizable.

    A passionate car enthusiast with a net worth estimated at $100.4 million (£80million), the 52-year-old New Jersey native has one of the most amazing and enviable collections around. With mostly classic car-dominated, Rogan's most recent purchase is a modern Tesla Model S worth about $100,000 (£80,000).

    Here is a list of Rogan's insane car collection.

    Porsche 911 GT3 RS joe porsche

    A huge Porsche fan, Rogan has owned a 911 996 Turbo and a Porsche 997 GT3 in the past. In his collection now sits this Porsche 911 GT3 RS worth over $300,000. From the factory, this fine German car tops out at 193 miles per hour, but Rogan took the car tuned by Sharkwerks for even more power and performance.

    1965 Corvette Stingray joe corvette

    Also sitting inside Rogan's collection is this silver 1965 Corvette Stingray. His pride and joy, he even showed off this pristine muscle car on an episode of Jay Leno's Garage. This Corvette falls into the restomod category since it is far from its factory beginnings. Now powered by a modern LS1 V8 engine topped with a Magnusson supercharger, this Vette has been modernized inside and out. This car is worth about $125,500.

    Plymouth Barracuda joe barracuda

    Dubbed "Sick Fish" by Rogan, this car was dreamt up by none other than Chip Foose, famed car designer. Built by Troy Trepanier, the car is completely modified and is powered by the Chrysler HEMI V8 engine. Rogan often lends the car to be displayed at car shows.

    Tesla Model S joe tesla

    Another vehicle owned by Rogan is one of a different kind - an electric Tesla Model S worth about $100,000 (£80,000). After Rogan drove the car he described it as "one of the strangest experiences I've ever had behind the wheel of a car." Admitting that the car was a fun car to drive, he also said it "the most preposterously quick vehicle" he has ever driven.

    Ford Mustang joe mustang

    Joe also owns a 2014 Ford Mustang powered by the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine. From the factory, these cars generate 420-horsepower and plenty of torque. (Pictured here is a 2015-2017 Ford Mustang)

    BMW M3 joe bmw

    The BMW M3 is a car that has been discussed on his podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience where he describes it a the "perfect balanced car". With sparkly aftermarket Avante Garde wheels, Joe loves his M3.

    Chevrolet Nova joe nova

    Rogan had his Chevrolet Nova completely redesigned where he had the car stripped down to the bare metal by Steve Strope, owner of Pure Vision Design. This car is no slouch thanks to the addition of Camaro parts. This is another car that Joe lends out to display at car shows.

    Ford Bronco

    A Ford Bronco from the 1960s is also a part of Rogan's extensive collection, and according to The Sun it is also a must-have. In a 2019 YouTube video, Joe showed off his modified Bronco that is outfitted with custom wheels, large tires, big brakes, and shock absorbers.

    MK IV Toyota Supra joe supra

    Joe's very first car was a Toyota Supra MK IV, a car produced from 1993 to 1998. He drove the sports car around New Jersey when he was rising comic. Today, the Supra is a highly desired JDM vehicle with its curvaceous body, big rear wing, and the twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE inline-six engine that generated a factory 320-horsepower.

    That concludes Joe Rogan's epic and enviable car collection. We wouldn't mind just picking one of these cars to stash in our garages to ogle at everyday.

    Also, with current events putting a damper on automotive events everywhere, we have something that you may be interested in. If you have a car that you're proud of, make sure to submit it to our Digital Concours car show. Winners receive $1,000, a front-and-center written car feature on our website, and bragging rights.

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission.

  • On The Lighter Side: Chip Foose Hot Rods A Volkswagen Beetle

    On The Lighter Side: Chip Foose Hot Rods A Volkswagen Beetle

    He says it’s Europe’s '32 Ford…

    Ah, Chip Foose, the guy who often does beautiful work in metal but so often goes off the rails when working with markers.

    Part of me feels like sometimes he’s trolling everyone, like the time he made a first-gen Ford Bronco into a low-riding cruiser or injected all kinds of BMW M3 styling into the classic Mini. It’s like he’s begging for people to criticize his work, which I believe he can take or he wouldn’t still be in the game after all these years. Unfortunately, some of his followers can’t bare to see anyone not worship their idol.

    Chip Foose VW Beetle 2

    Yep, this is another episode of Chip Foose Draws A Car where he starts getting whacky. I get it, as a creative person sometimes it’s fun to cut loose and destroy all the boundaries, and if you view this design exercise in that light then it’s kind of entertaining. However, if you imagine the result in real life it might be more like watching Jurassic World on loop for 5 days straight.

    Seeing an automotive icon violated so wantonly can be difficult for some. Foose argues the classic Beetle is like the German ’32 Ford and he has a point. People have chopped these cars up to create all sorts of weird contraptions, usually dropping in a much more powerful engine (and that’s not too difficult to come by, considering). Plus, they’re common and relatively affordable, but the Toyota Camry is even more ubiquitous (do that one next, Foose!).


    Pretty much the only thing Foose keeps stock about the Beetle is the front hood, doors, and rear quarter panels. Some will think his radical redesign of the classic into an American-style hot rod roadster is brilliant.

    Others will be absolutely offended by it. And still other people will not have read this far, probably because they already saw the screen grab of the final product, smirked, and are off to other wonderful Motorious articles. However, I don’t think the final result is half bad. In fact, someone should try building something like this and we can see how it turns out in the real world. Maybe that someone should be Foose?

    We thank Motoriousfor reprint permission.

  • On The Lighter Side: Couple’s Stroll On Beach Turns Into Sand Find

    Vintage WWII vehicle found on beach

    Who expects to find a vintage car while on a romantic walk?

  • On The Lighter Side: Cuda, Challenger, Roadrunners, Chargers Found Stashed At Chevy Dealership

    On The Lighter Side: Cuda, Challenger, Roadrunners, Chargers Found Stashed At Chevy Dealership

    This is an incredible discovery! Classic muscle cars have gathered the attention of the public for quite some time now for being rare, high performance, and wickedly valuable vehicles.

    Many enthusiasts will go searching for one of these relics of power, restore it, turn it into a drag car, or build it to fit a myriad of other aspirations the owner might have.

    Muscle Car with boxes

    The big issue with these cars is the rarity, the majority of classic muscle cars are found either rotting away on the side of the road, in a field, or at an insanely high price for a +25-year-old car. There lies, however, a haven for classic b -body Mopars and even some Chevys in an old Chevy dealership.

    We are greeted, upon entry, by the welcomed sight of a 1970 'Cuda. The car is little more than a shell at this point, however, it does show potential for a sister build alongside Dezzy's Speed Shop's T/A Challenger build. Peering past the 'Cuda shell, you’ll find a Plymouth Road Runner hidden under an old carpet.

    Bought around 25 years ago for just a few hundred bucks, this Road Runner then became a circle track car and even found its way into four different magazines. If you blink, you might miss the “Curious Yellow” 1968 Dodge Charger which has been covered by years of dust and misplaced parts.

    Multiple Muscle Cars in Garage

    Buried in the pile of classic Mopar muscle is a quaint little Z28 Camaro complete with the 350cu LT1. Ok back to another Road Runner, a beautiful 1969 Plymouth Road Runner convertible hides under sheets of plastic waiting to be unveiled once again. It came in FA green and a tan interior and an automatic console-shift transmission.

    One more Road Runner, this time from 1970, lurks next to the convertible with absolutely no rust and factory coated paint. Two additional Chevys rest in a place with the Dodges and Plymouths, one 1955 3 on the tree Chevy pick up, and a well-preserved 6199 Camaro that needs an engine.

    One seemingly out of place vehicle in this proverbial graveyard of cars is a modern Hellcat, after about 140,000miles the owner blew the rear end. The car rests in the shop waiting to be fixed. On the outside of the building, you find another Road Runner, a quarter panel from a 1969 Dodge Charger, a 1970 Dodge charger, various pieces of yet another 1970 Road Runner, and finally one last 1970 Charger.

    The amount of cars in this vast array of dead classics and unfinished projects is mind-boggling, if you check out the full tour you can find it on the DeezysSpeedShop YouTube channel.

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission.

  • On The Lighter Side: Dealership Technician Takes C8 Corvette For Joyride

    On The Lighter Side: Dealership Technician Takes C8 Corvette For Joyride

    And there’s video evidence of a freeway race…

    A C8 Corvette owner recently posted video evidence of a Fremont Chevrolet technician taking his mid-engine sports car for a joyride on the freeway. This is the sort of thing any enthusiast’s nightmares are made of, because you hope dealership employees would be professional enough to not do this sort of thing.

    The whole joyride romp was captured on the Chevrolet’s Performance Data Recorder, so you not only get the video but also performance metrics, including speed.

    Dealership Technician Takes C8 Corvette For Joyride 3

    The video, which was taken on July 31 and is included with this article, shows the dealership technician push the C8 Corvette up to 148 mph while pursuing a Dodge Charger. The Fremont Chevrolet employee never catches up to the Mopar, which we’re sure will entertain some people.

    Dealership Technician Takes C8 Corvette For Joyride

    More importantly, during the race, both cars put everyone on the crowded freeway at risk. The drivers swerve in and out of lanes, cutting dangerously close to other cars multiple times, and of course aren’t bothering to signal. They’re both exceeding the speed limit by enough we’d bet a police officer could’ve arrested the drivers and impounded the cars.

    After racing the Dodge Charger on the crowded freeway, you can hear the dealership employee screaming for joy while sitting on an off-ramp and later as he’s driving on surface streets. Then he pushes the mid-engine Corvette up to 76 mph on in traffic on the surface road. Apparently, he really likes hooning other people’s property, putting innocent drivers on the road at extreme risk all for a few free thrills.

    We would be laughing at his idiotic chest-thumping were it not for the fact he’s been a reckless moron with a customer’s C8 Corvette.

    Dealership Technician Takes C8 Corvette For Joyride 2

    According to the owner of the car, who’s identified on YouTube and MidEngine CorvetteForum as “tastysauce” he took the 2021 C8 Corvette 2LT Z51 to Fremont Chevrolet because of some trouble accelerating, stuttering when pushed. Also, the engine was making some odd noises.

    So, after fixing what was wrong with it, a technician took it out to ensure everything was working fine. He certainly tested out the acceleration issue in an extreme way, so it seems to have been fixed. However, he could’ve crashed the Corvette and/or caused a serious, possibly even a fatal accident.

    Check out the video (warning: language).

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission.

  • On The Lighter Side: Detroit's Big Three Ignite the Dragstrip With Electrifying Showdowns

    Detroit's Big Three showdown

    On The Lighter Side: Detroit's Big Three Ignite the Dragstrip With Electrifying Showdowns

    It's muscle car mayhem.

    Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious
     Nov. 11, 2023


    In an era where whispers of electric vehicles are growing into roars, the Detroit Big Three's muscle and pony cars are proving that the internal combustion engine still has plenty of fire left in its chambers. At the forefront of this high-octane resistance, recent developments have enthusiasts' pulses racing faster than a supercharged V8.

    General Motors, while not explicitly resurrecting the Camaro nameplate, has hit a speed bump with their electrified fleet—potentially hinting at a comeback for the beloved 'Maro sooner than the electrically inclined might expect. On the other side of the rivalry, Mopar devotees are abuzz with rumors of the next-gen Charger Daytona SRT possibly packing not just electrified Banshee power but also potent Hurricane inline-six engines.

    Ford fans are cruising confidently with the Mustang lineup, seemingly immune to the EV surge. And as the 2023 SEMA Show's lights dazzled attendees, Ford Performance dropped a bombshell with the FP800S concept package, teasing a massive boost to over 800 horsepower for the Mustang GT's Coyote V8.

    But Dodge, absent from SEMA's glittering aisles, threw a thunderbolt from afar, announcing its Hellephant C170 crate engine—a behemoth allowing for Demon-level power transplants into any machine gutsy enough to handle it.

    This power play by Dodge underscores a thrilling time for drag racing, as the local strips buzz with the roars of American metal. Mission Raceway Park, Canada's drag racing gem, recently became the amphitheater for an impromptu gladiator match between Dodge's finest and the rest.

    First, a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye, in a sleek gray and black, lined up against a presumably 392 Hemi Scat Pack Challenger. Spectators expected a quick kill, but the dragstrip is no stranger to upsets. The Redeye, plagued by transmission woes, stumbled and handed the win to its supposed prey.

    Next to accept the challenge was a black Chevy Camaro SS, which succumbed to the Hellcat Redeye's might in a cleaner battle, restoring the crowd's faith in the Mopar creed.

    And just when the script seemed to favor the established muscle hierarchy, a blue Ford Explorer ST—with roof bars intact, signaling nonchalance for dragstrip decorum—threw down the gauntlet. In a twist no less shocking than a plot from a Hollywood thriller, the Explorer ST blazed past the Challenger, clinching a win and a shower of respect with its unassumingly quick pass.

    This triad of encounters serves as a vivid snapshot of an automotive landscape where the old and the new blend into a cocktail of adrenaline. It's a reminder that while the future may be electric, the present is still very much a battleground for horsepower, heartbeats, and heritage—where every drag race is a story, and every finish line a climax in the ongoing saga of Detroit muscle.


    We thank Motorious for reprint permission.

  • On The Lighter Side: Duck Duck Jeep – A New Phenomenon

    On The Lighter Side: Duck Duck Jeep – A New Phenomenon

    There is arguably no other vehicle ownership culture that is as unique and vibrant as Jeep ownership, or to be more precise Jeep Wrangler ownership.

    It’s more than the many Jeep clubs that exist around the country, more than the ubiquitous off-roading events, more than the obligatory “Jeep-wave” as two Jeep drivers pass in traffic. It’s a culture of “go anywhere and do anything” with the top canvas and doors on or off – and just have fun. And now, borne out of the depths of the COVID pandemic, is a new, fun, Jeep-ownership ritual – “Jeep Ducking.”

    Duck photo 4 800px

    It all started in July, 2020 in Canada. Allison Parliament, a woman who lives in Orillia, Ontario, Canada but also works in Alabama, and sports Alabama plates on her car, had just returned to her Canadian home, quarantined for the two prescribed two weeks, and had just had a negative test for COVID.

    She went out in public and was approached by a stranger who physically attacked her. The man cursed her and told her she was not welcome in Canada. Whereas Canada had a relatively low-level bout with the pandemic, many Canadians were skeptical of seeing Americans coming into the country and possibly spreading the disease.

    But Parliament didn’t get angry. Instead, she wanted to do something that was fun and would bring smiles to people, especially in such a tough year. So… she and her friends bought a little yellow rubber duck, and placed it on a Jeep they saw parked nearby… and waited. The Jeep’s owner liked it and considered it funny. Parliament put the incident on social media and the craze took off.

    Duck photo 2 800px

    As this piece is being written in early November, less than four months after the first Jeep was “ducked”, there are at least 15 different Facebook sites dedicated to Jeep-ducking encompassing almost 70,000 Facebook posters. Some groups are smaller being state or regionally oriented. The biggest gathering of Jeep-duckers is the original site with over 28,000 participants.

    Some “duck-ers” write a message on their little toys in indelible marker for the “duck-ee” to see. Others attach small tags to the ducks allowing a longer message to be written. It has even gotten to a point where professionally made tags are now available for sale.

    The tags will usually say something like, “Nice Jeep – you have been ‘ducked’ by a fellow Jeeper. Please take a photo and share the joy at #duckduckjeep.” Most ducks used are the traditional yellow. But ducks of different colors are also acceptable. Some even come designed in different motifs such as a fireman or police officer or super hero.

    Duck photo 3 800px

    All models of Jeeps are open to ducking. There are no “official rules.” However, people who drive the Wrangler model (known for years as the CJ model) are more likely to “duck” a fellow Wrangler. That’s not to say that the “duck-er” needs to be actually driving their Jeep while doing the “duck-ing.”

    Some will even do the “chuck-a-duck” – tossing a duck to another Wrangler while stopped in traffic or the “pass-a-duck” – handing a duck to a fellow Jeeper stopped at a gas station. Photos of “ducked” Jeeps have shown up on Facebook sites in all 50 states in the US, all over Canada and reportedly, even in Spain and Australia.

    In a newspaper report, Parliament said that there “were some haters…” people who just threw the duck on the ground and drove off. Conversely, she said she heard from some people who said the duck “helped their mental health.” Not a bad thing after all that’s happened in 2020.

    Parliament noted that some Jeep dealerships have gotten into the act placing the rubber toys in customer cars when they are retrieved after being serviced. She wants to have DuckDuckJeep tee shirts made, the sale of which could raise money to help teachers buy school supplies – always a great idea to give back to your community driven by something as fun as “Jeep-ducking.”

  • On The Lighter Side: Everyone Loves A Classic Volkswagen Beetle. Especially One With Tesla Power

    This electric-converted Bug with a Tesla battery is possibly one of the neatest electric vehicle conversions out there.

  • On The Lighter Side: Ford Highland Plant Adventure Reveals Automotive History

    Ford Highland Plant Adventure Reveals Automotive History

    On The Lighter Side: Ford Highland Plant Adventure Reveals Automotive History

    Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious
     Jan. 06, 2023


    It’s a monument to car culture…

    The Ford motor company is one of the most prominent businesses in the American automotive industry today. Typically you might expect the next sentence to read something like what it all wasn’t always like that. However yes it was in fact pretty much always like that and there are many Great monuments to recognize the brand history across the nation. Although there is one building which seems like it should’ve been preserved a hell of a lot better than it was in respect for that name.

    That was the Ford corporate building in Highland Park, a massive factory to say the least. It might not look like much from a quick glance on the outside but on the inside you start to recognize all the history that went into the cars many Ford enthusiast known and love. One of the first places we are treated to a very detailed video of is the executive parking garage and working area for all of the higher up positions. You might imagine where Henry Ford would’ve parked along with any members of his family and other high-ranking figures in the company. Back in the day, this area was beautifully decorated and polished up nicely for the workers.

    Also shown in the small documentary is what was likely the engineering room which has all sorts of controls, switches, and fire safety equipment. On top of that there are a lot of pictures of the plant before it was eventually discontinued in which you can very clearly see many Ford models presented and shown off with pride around the building. This is also likely why there is an elevator perfectly built for a wide variety of sizeable of automobiles. Overall this is an incredible piece of Ford history and it’s almost sad knowing its current condition even if it shows the contrast between old and new.

    We thank Motorious for reprint permission

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