Museum of American Speed Celebrates 100th Anniversary of the Ten-Millionth Model T Ford by Traveling Sea to Sea

The Museum of American Speed announced today their plans to make a coast-to-coast trip from New York to San Francisco in a 1924 Model T Ford to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ten-millionth Model T Ford.

The Ten Millionth Model T

The trip will depart June 2 from Battery Park in New York City and travel along the historical Lincoln Highway ending in San Francisco, Calif.
In June 1924, the Ford Motor company drove the ten-millionth Model T from New York to San Francisco via the Lincoln Highway as a promotional effort. The ten-millionth Model T recreation on display at the Museum of American Speed was recently donated by the family of the late, Dr. Alan Hathaway. This isn’t the vehicle’s first trek across the country. The Hathaway family completed the historic journey twice, once to celebrate the 50th anniversary and again for the 75th anniversary.
“Our team is excited to be part of a third trip in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ten-millionth Model T Ford and for the vehicle to become part of our permanent collection for years to come,” said Tim Matthews curator of the Museum of American Speed. “This journey is more than a trip across our great country, it is a celebration of the vehicle which gave freedom to millions of Americans. The Model T Ford changed the world’s landscape and way of life forever. We are excited to take this 100 year old car out of its Museum display and prove it can make this monumental voyage once again.”
Recognized last year as the #1 Attraction for Car Lovers in USA Today’s 10 Best Reader’s Choice awards, the Museum of American Speed is currently home to over 240,000 square feet of display space over three levels. The Museum was formed to present a continuous chronology of automotive racing engine and speed equipment development and to preserve, interpret and display items significant in racing and automotive history. The Museum’s collection results from “Speedy” Bill and Joyce Smith’s personal involvement in racing and hot rodding, and their family’s lifelong passion for collecting and preserving racing and automotive history.
“When our father passed away we held on to the Model T in search of the right home,” said Anne McAtee. “Being on display at the Museum of American Speed will allow the vehicle and its history to be passed along and enjoyed by many others.”
The Museum also features many other unique displays including the largest collection of vintage pedal cars, gas-powered miniature race cars, automobile-themed toys, automotive art, lunchboxes and more.
The Smiths started collecting in the 1940s, prior to founding Speedway Motors in 1952. Speedway Motors has long been the title sponsor of the Museum of American Speed. Other companies that have signed on to support the sea to sea trip include Coker Tire, AAA, Bosselman and AmBest.



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