Watch This Nickel-Covered Tesla Model X With Monster Tires Run Over A Limo

The Model X's body is covered in 23,000 nickels. How much weirder can it get?

Nickel-Covered Tesla Model X with Monster Tires

A Tesla Model X with a body covered in nickels is fitted with monster tires. Watch it drive over the top of a limousine in this crazy video.

However, before we can discuss those monster wheels we have to take a step back and talk about those nickels. It's a nickel-clad Model X, but why?

Lithium-ion batteries contain nickel, so why not plaster nickels over the entire body of an electric car? Well, for starters that's just weird. Secondly, it weighs a lot. Close to 300 pounds in nickels are stuck to the body of this Model X. One of the falcon-wing doors won't operate due to the wait and the other needs some assistance to open, so perhaps think twice before cladding your car in nickels.

As for those monster truck wheels. Why are they on the Model X? Because...umm...why not? There's no logical reason to put monster wheels on any roadgoing car, but hey, if you have the means and want to give it a shot then we won't judge. It looks freakin' crazy cool, too.

The YouTuber simply explains the addition of those huge wheels like this:

With those wheels in place, the Model X, after several failed attempts, manages to roll onto the roof of the limousine. It's no monster truck, but given the sheer size and weight of the wheels and tires, we're actually quite surprised that the X can even move. And let's not forget how badass it looks.

Let's go back to the nickels for a moment. The Johnny B Goode team took the Model X out in public and did some challenges involving finding certain nickels on the car. They gave away over $10,000 in the process, so three weeks of placing over $1,500 worth of nickels on the X was all for a good cause.


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