Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Gets Featured In Jay Leno’s Garage Segment

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 was featured extensively during a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

Jay Leno Takes a look at an Upgraded Tesla Model 3

The Emmy-winning show, known for its car reviews and interviews, featured Tesla Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen and VP for Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy discussing the all-electric sedan’s numerous updates with the legendary host.

Leno and the two Tesla executives covered a variety of topics about the upgraded Model 3, from its design choices and engineering advancements to the rationale behind specific features that were rolled out to the vehicle. The group also went for a test drive in the upgraded Model 3, where Leno noted that the vehicle was quite a lot like his Model S, which is notably more expensive. 

The two Tesla executives focused on several details about the upgraded Model 3, from its redesigned exterior with a new front end to its new tail lights and more refined rear end. The executives also highlighted improvements in the vehicle’s range, which was made possible by an almost obsessive pursuit of efficiency.

Leno, von Holzhausen, and Moravy also discussed the use of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for the upgraded Model 3’s Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) version, which allows for daily 100% charging. The Tesla executives, however, highlighted that even the Model 3’s long-range version, which uses nickel-based batteries, is designed for longevity. 

The upgraded Model 3’s interior, which also received a significant upgrade with a new center console featuring wireless charging, a larger central touchscreen, and a rear entertainment display, was also highlighted by the Tesla executives. The group also discussed the vehicle’s new blindspot indicators and a far side airbag, which should improve the Model 3’s already stellar safety even further. 

Overall, the Jay Leno’s Garage segment highlights a particularly notable aspect of the upgraded Model 3. It’s not necessarily a new car from Tesla, but it improves the previous generation Model 3 to such a degree that it might as well have been a completely different vehicle. And at its starting price of less than $40,000 before incentives, there are few cars in the market today — electric or otherwise — that could hold a candle to the Model 3’s tech, safety, and performance. 

Watch the upgraded Tesla Model 3 segment from Jay Leno’s Garage in the video below.


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