On The Lighter Side: Four Chevy Racers Brought Back To Life After Treacherous Road Trip

On The Lighter Side: Four Chevy Racers Brought Back To Life After Treacherous Road Trip

This team went through hell and back for these abandoned Chevy performance legend.

Classic Chevys are some of the most popular cars on any drag strip or car show because of their incredibly appealing style and performance heritage. These beasts were the weapon of choice for many drag racers back in the 1950s and 1960s, which now makes them a very iconic piece of racing history. Because of that, you can usually find a hot-rodded Chevy Tri-five with just a little bit of looking in your local scrap yard or abandoned classic car lot. That's precisely what happened with this guy when they went on a three-day-long road trip where they discovered four massively deteriorated Chevrolet drag strip dominators in need of saving.

While completing their very treacherous journey in their Cummins swapped, air-lowered, dually Dodge pickup truck, the guys ran into some trouble on the road. It would appear that the owners forgot that the car didn't have A/C or windshield wiper, which made for a pretty funny scene when they were stopped in their tracks by poor weather conditions. On top of that, the truck had some major transmission problems but somehow still got around 19 mph while carrying a 53 ft long trailer. Eventually, the team fixed the car up in their friend's driveway, which was on the route, and they set off to rescue the old Chevrolets.

These cars had been sitting in the field of forgotten classics for decades, but now they have been given a new chance at life. Unfortunately, all four of them were in far worse condition than most of anything we've seen thus far, with none of them running and, from what we can see, at least one of them suffering from acute lack of engine disorder. Either way, these guys are willing to undergo the intense process of restoring these beauties and getting them back on the road, and we hope all goes well. Unfortunately, as the team loads the cars onto the trailer, we see a familiar situation as the truck ultimately airs out, and the team is once again left stranded on the side of the road. Eventually, everything was worked out, and everyone made it home safe, where these cars will be brought back to life in glorious fashion.

We thank Motorious for reprint permission

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