On The Lighter Side: Detroit's Big Three Ignite the Dragstrip With Electrifying Showdowns

Detroit's Big Three showdown

It's muscle car mayhem.

In an era where whispers of electric vehicles are growing into roars, the Detroit Big Three's muscle and pony cars are proving that the internal combustion engine still has plenty of fire left in its chambers. At the forefront of this high-octane resistance, recent developments have enthusiasts' pulses racing faster than a supercharged V8.

General Motors, while not explicitly resurrecting the Camaro nameplate, has hit a speed bump with their electrified fleet—potentially hinting at a comeback for the beloved 'Maro sooner than the electrically inclined might expect. On the other side of the rivalry, Mopar devotees are abuzz with rumors of the next-gen Charger Daytona SRT possibly packing not just electrified Banshee power but also potent Hurricane inline-six engines.

Ford fans are cruising confidently with the Mustang lineup, seemingly immune to the EV surge. And as the 2023 SEMA Show's lights dazzled attendees, Ford Performance dropped a bombshell with the FP800S concept package, teasing a massive boost to over 800 horsepower for the Mustang GT's Coyote V8.

But Dodge, absent from SEMA's glittering aisles, threw a thunderbolt from afar, announcing its Hellephant C170 crate engine—a behemoth allowing for Demon-level power transplants into any machine gutsy enough to handle it.

This power play by Dodge underscores a thrilling time for drag racing, as the local strips buzz with the roars of American metal. Mission Raceway Park, Canada's drag racing gem, recently became the amphitheater for an impromptu gladiator match between Dodge's finest and the rest.

First, a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye, in a sleek gray and black, lined up against a presumably 392 Hemi Scat Pack Challenger. Spectators expected a quick kill, but the dragstrip is no stranger to upsets. The Redeye, plagued by transmission woes, stumbled and handed the win to its supposed prey.

Next to accept the challenge was a black Chevy Camaro SS, which succumbed to the Hellcat Redeye's might in a cleaner battle, restoring the crowd's faith in the Mopar creed.

And just when the script seemed to favor the established muscle hierarchy, a blue Ford Explorer ST—with roof bars intact, signaling nonchalance for dragstrip decorum—threw down the gauntlet. In a twist no less shocking than a plot from a Hollywood thriller, the Explorer ST blazed past the Challenger, clinching a win and a shower of respect with its unassumingly quick pass.

This triad of encounters serves as a vivid snapshot of an automotive landscape where the old and the new blend into a cocktail of adrenaline. It's a reminder that while the future may be electric, the present is still very much a battleground for horsepower, heartbeats, and heritage—where every drag race is a story, and every finish line a climax in the ongoing saga of Detroit muscle.

We thank Motorious for reprint permission.

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