Tesla, Nissan Get Top Reliability Scores Among EVs in Consumer Reports Survey

Tesla Model 3.

Consumer Reports gathered data from numerous surveys to see which electric vehicles were the most reliable, and Tesla and Nissan stood out.

According to Consumers Reports data, the Tesla Model 3 and the second-generation Nissan Leaf were the second- and third-most reliable electric vehicles. The 2022 Kia EV6 was the only vehicle to beat the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf. However, the EV6 still has some aging to do before it can match the Tesla Model 3’s reliability track record.

EVs vs. ICE Reliability

Consumer Reports noted EVs do not yield strong reliability scores compared to gasoline engines. 

In theory, EVs should be more reliable than gasoline engines, as EVs have fewer parts because they don’t have transmissions, ignition and fuel systems, valvetrains and other elements found in fossil-fuel cars. They also don’t require oil, spark plugs or transmission fluid.

The difference in reliability comes down to more than a century of work legacy automakers have put into refining and tuning the design of fossil-fuel vehicles, while EVs have reconceptualized the idea of a car. 

Automakers are still refining the design and technology in EVs. Legacy automakers, in particular, are struggling with adapting, since EVs use new platforms and technology. The cabin of EVs alone is much more advanced than those of ICE cars. EVs usually have advanced infotainment systems that control many more of the car’s functions while also acting as a source of entertainment.

EV owners usually report issues with their cars’ batteries, electric motors and charging. Some Teslarati readers, who own a variety of EVs from different brands, have shared complaints about infotainment systems, suspension and service. 

The Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf's Advantage 

Hard work, patience and experience culminated in the strong reliability of the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf. Unlike other EVs on the market, users report fewer problems with the Tesla Model 3 and second-generation Nissan Leaf. They experience fewer issues with batteries, electric motors and charging. 

The Model 3’s reliability outshines that of Tesla’s other vehicles. Tesla has improved the Model 3 quite a bit since sales began. It plans to revamp the Model 3 again soon. 

Consumer Reports said the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model Y are still below average regarding reliability. Tesla has made significant improvements to the Model Y in recent years, which may improve its reliability score in the future.

Model Y owners still report suspension issues and body hardware problems related to the hatch. They also pointed out issues with the Model Y’s paint and trim. Meanwhile, Tesla customers who own Model S and Model X units often bring up air suspension problems. 

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