Carvana Launches Same-Day Delivery in Central Florida

Carvana Launches Same-Day Delivery in Central Florida

Local buyers can now receive their vehicles within hours of purchase from

Carvana has introduced same-day delivery to its Central Florida customers, allowing local buyers to receive their vehicles within hours of purchase from In addition, select customers seeking to sell their vehicles to Carvana can benefit from same-day drop-off at designated locations across the state.

Savannah E., a recent customer, expressed her surprise and delight at this expedited service: "I wasn’t anticipating I’d be able to get my car the same day,” she said. 

Since its Florida launch in 2016 and the introduction of its unique Car Vending Machines in 2017, Carvana has significantly grown its presence in the Sunshine State. The company prides itself on a customer-first approach, using technology to enhance transparency and ease in the car buying process.

"We’re delighted to tap that same spirit of innovation to once again raise the bar and bring a new layer of convenience to our Central Florida customers," said Jacqueline Hearns, Carvana's senior director of market operations and expansion.

Carvana's rapid expansion of same-day delivery, initially launched in Arizona, has reached various states, including Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. The company's extensive infrastructure, which encompasses a network of inspection and reconditioning centers, logistics fleet and a digital purchasing system, has facilitated this growth. Carvana aims to offer same-day delivery in more locations nationwide.

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