UAW Mulls Strike at Stellantis Plant in Michigan Over Safety Concerns

Workers at Warren Stamping Plant say Stellantis has not addressed several issues that compromise their working conditions.

A Jeep Gladiator rolls off the assembly line at a Stellantis plant in Toledo, OH. Workers at Warren Stamping Plant in Michigan, which supplies parts to assembly plants, are considering a strike over health and safety concerns.

At Stellantis’ Warren Stamping Plant in Michigan, approximately 1,100 members of UAW Local 869 will vote May 6 on a strike authorization, following ongoing grievances related to health and safety conditions that Stellantis has not addressed.

“We’re standing up for health & safety at Warren Stamping,” said UAW Local 869 President Romaine McKinney III. “When it rains, the facility floods because the ceiling is leaking. We have to fight for every single pair of work gloves, while we handle metal and materials to build world class vehicles for Stellantis. The list goes on, and we’re putting an end to it. Our union grievance procedure gives us the power to stand up for safety on the job, and we intend to take action if necessary.”

Workers at the plant have voiced concerns over a plethora of issues that compromise their working conditions. These include inadequate ventilation, insufficient ergo matting and personal protective equipment (PPE), poor basement lighting and flooring, restroom facilities, pervasive oil leaks and overall sanitation challenges.

The Warren Stamping Plant plays a crucial role in Stellantis' supply chain, providing parts to more than half a dozen plants across North America, including those producing major models like the Ram, Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Wagoneer. A strike could significantly disrupt production lines from Windsor, Ontario, to Saltillo, Mexico, potentially affecting the output of some of Stellantis' key products.

Local 869 voted April 2 to authorize a strike over local contract issues.

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