Southern California Regions Lead U.S. in Catalytic Converter Thefts

Theft frequency rose by 26% across all markets in 2023, along with a 14% increase in average cost to repair.


In a study by Premiere Services and CAT Converter Express, Los Angeles and Orange County in Southern California once again emerged as hotspots for catalytic converter thefts in the U.S., leading the statistics for the eighth consecutive quarter through the end of 2023.

According to the recent report, which analyzes insurance claim data, both California and Texas dominate the list, each with four markets in the top 20 for catalytic converter thefts. However, it's Los Angeles and Orange County that consistently find themselves at the helm. Cities like Chicago, Portland and Seattle have witnessed the highest year-over-year increases in thefts.

The report shows a 26% increase in theft frequency across all surveyed markets in 2023, with a nearly 155% surge since 2020. This was accompanied by a 14% rise in the average cost per repair claim.

The market value of valuable metals found in catalytic converters, such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, have seen their market value skyrocket, continuing to make catalytic converters a lucrative target for thieves.

The report also provides a comprehensive list of the top 20 markets affected by catalytic converter thefts in 2023:

1. Los Angeles/Orange County
2. Houston
3. Oakland/San Francisco
4. Chicago
5. Baltimore / DC
6. Atlanta
7. Phoenix
8. Portland
9. Seattle
10. Sacramento
11. New York City/Newark
12. Philadelphia
13. Austin/San Antonio
14. Las Vegas
15. San Diego
16. Denver
17. Dallas/Fort Worth
18. Detroit
19. El Paso
20. Minneapolis

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