Raleigh Debuts First Automotive Museum with Unique Cultural Twist

The Museum at Car Space offers automotive gallery displays, luxury hospitality and community inclusivity.


Raleigh, NC, has welcomed its first automotive museum, The Museum at Car Space, a new cultural hub aiming to transcend traditional museum experiences by integrating car exhibits with a sophisticated cocktail lounge, engaging storytelling and accessible membership options.

"Our mission is to allow everyone in the Triangle to experience and enjoy the legacy of these cars and the memories they evoke," said co-founder Anthony You. "We believe that cars and art have the power to bring people together and foster both personal and business relationships."

The Museum introduced two new membership tiers starting at $200 per year. Non-members can also enjoy the museum through single-day admission tickets.

A standout feature of The Museum is its cocktail lounge, where each beverage pays homage to the automobiles on display. For example, the Black Magic cocktail is inspired by the story of Robert Montgomery, a celebrated MGM actor who served in World War II, and the original owner of a 1939 Rolls Royce Wraith showcased in the museum.

The Museum promises an ever-changing array of exhibits, with the current collection celebrating automotive history until the second week of April. Upcoming exhibits will focus on '60s and '70s muscle cars, incorporating memorabilia and artwork to enrich the visitor experience.

"The Museum at Car Space is more than just a venue; it's a cultural hub where the stories of iconic automobiles are told through exhibits, cocktails and the ambiance we create," said Dave Younts, CEO of Car Space.

The Museum's inclusive approach extends to its membership and admission options. The base membership offers unlimited access to car exhibits, cocktails and simulators, while the Collector Membership includes privileges like guest admissions and the ability to host private events. Single-day admission is available for adults, with discounts for military and first responders, and free entry for children under 15.

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