Florida Dealership Group Using Predictive Analytics to Tailor Customer Experience

Predictive analytics can be used to anticipate needs and preferences, offering an advantage in personalizing the consumer journey.


A new partnership between automotiveMastermind, a data and technology provider in the automotive industry, and MorganAutomotive Group, one of the nation's largest auto dealer groups, aims to integrate automotiveMastermind's technology and Polk Automotive Solutions' data services into Morgan's extensive dealership network throughout Florida, promising to redefine the consumer experience with advanced predictive analytics.

automotiveMastermind's technology uses predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and preferences, offering a unique advantage in personalizing the consumer journey. Through this partnership, Morgan's 73 dealerships will benefit from enhanced data quality, enrichment and business intelligence capabilities, thereby improving operational systems, marketing strategies, and ultimately, the consumer experience.

"This partnership with automotiveMastermind and S&P Global Mobility better equips our marketing partners, marketing teams and dealer operators to execute the best possible consumer experience through our dealership network," said Morgan Automotive Group COO Tom Moore.

"We look forward to working with this incredible dealer group to build on their established success by providing our data and predictions, in-market behavior insights, seamless integrations with other tech providers, and new innovations that we introduce to Mastermind," said Matt Leone, CEO of automotiveMastermind.

"The collaboration with automotiveMastermind and Morgan Automotive Group highlights the strength of the S&P Global Mobility portfolio by leveraging the mutual strength of Polk Automotive Solutions' data services and Mastermind's predictive analytics," said Joe Kyriakoza, vice president and general manager, Polk Automotive Solutions, S&P Global Mobility. "This partnership highlights the ability for S&P Global Mobility to accelerate complex automotive data initiatives."

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