Collision Vision Podcast: How to Transform Your Leadership Skills with Mike Jones


Tune in for an inspiring and informative discussion on becoming a great leader in the collision industry.

This episode of The Collision Vision features a guest who has positively impacted the lives of millions of people over 30+ years. Mike Jones is the president and master trainer at Discover Leadership Training, an organization that aims to provide the most impactive, sustainable and challenging leadership development solutions for the world. Mike is among the most enthusiastic and passionate individuals to touch the collision industry.

Episode Overview

In this episode of The Collision Vision driven by Autobody News, host Cole Strandberg has a motivating conversation with Mike, talking all things leadership development.

Mike starts by sharing his accidental journey into leadership, from his early pursuit of aviation and career in the airline industry to a later role in the police helicopter division. At one point, Mike started working on leadership training with teens during the war on drugs, later shifting his focus to adult training and founding Discover Leadership Training.

Mike explains to Cole the Eight Before Eight program, which includes practices like moving the alarm clock across the room and reading something positive in the morning. Mike and Cole discuss the importance of self-understanding in leadership and the power of empathy and effective communication. They emphasize leadership is not about authority, but rather understanding oneself and others.

The episode also delves specifically into the collision industry, the challenges of being a great leader and the potential for personal growth through programs like Discover Leadership Training's Master Graduate Leadership Program.

Key Takeaways

1. Listen with the intent to be influenced. Play like a rookie. There is opportunity a vet would not recognize but a rookie will.
2. Truly embrace value and benefits for getting outside your comfort zone. Create the habit to break habits. Best your best.
3. Understand yourself better to understand others better.

Listeners are encouraged to embrace discomfort, listen to be influenced and understand themselves better. Tune in for an inspiring and informative discussion on becoming a great leader in the collision industry.

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