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Chris Miller knows a thing or two about cars, but, like other business owners, he didn’t have a repair manual for handling the impact of the new coronavirus on the local economy.

A bill that would offer Georgia businesses legal protection from certain coronavirus-related lawsuits is on Gov. Brian Kemp's desk.

Thursday, 25 June 2020 20:42

COVID-19 Puts Brakes on June NC Cruise-In

This is a time when owners of unique vehicles are waxing them up in anticipation of a new cruise-in season in Mount Airy, NC, but this year the coronavirus is injecting a major speed bump into the mix.

Auto Glass Inspection Services Inc. (AGIS) urged the court to grant an order of protection relating to Auto Glass America, LLC’s (AGA) notices of deposition duces tecum.

Florida has ranked sixth in the nation for coronavirus spread for six weeks according to a model tracking COVID-19 transmission, and three other projection models forecast bad scenarios for the state by Oct. 1.

A Georgia Senate committee wants to protect businesses, governments, property owners and emergency personnel from being sued if someone claims they contracted COVID-19 because of them.

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