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The High Museum of Art exhibition, called, fittingly, the "The Allure of the Automobile," is sponsored by the famous German sports car company, headquartered in Atlanta, and features some of the world's most rare and spectacularly conceived vehicles ever produced. Among these exquisite collectors items from both sides of the Atlantic is a 71-year old Porsche design that is considered the precursor to all Porsches-the 1938/39 Porsche Type 64.

This incredible design piece is the only prewar Porsche and has never been exhibited outside of Germany. It was carefully removed from its perch at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and flown to Atlanta for the exhibition that began on March 21 and ends on June 20.

Porsche is also displaying another historic car, the 1953 Porsche 550 LeMans coupe, which will be on loan from the private Collier Collection of Porsche in Naples, Florida.

South Georgia auto body shops warn you to check your car insurance policies.  The replacement parts your insurance company requires for your car could put your life in jeopardy.

Shop owners say more South Georgians are buying cut rate car insurance.  One way they cut costs is to require body shops to use the cheapest parts when fixing your car.

Do you know the difference between OEM or AF parts, and have you checked your car insurance policy to see which type of parts they require be used repairing your car?

Body shop owners say you should, because inferior parts could compromise your safety. Charlie's Paint and Body owner Tammy Mays says some of the auto parts that insurance policies say must be used in repairing cars are just plain junk.

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