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On The Lighter Side: Duck Duck Jeep – A New Phenomenon

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There is arguably no other vehicle ownership culture that is as unique and vibrant as Jeep ownership, or to be more precise Jeep Wrangler ownership.

It’s more than the many Jeep clubs that exist around the country, more than the ubiquitous off-roading events, more than the obligatory “Jeep-wave” as two Jeep drivers pass in traffic. It’s a culture of “go anywhere and do anything” with the top canvas and doors on or off – and just have fun. And now, borne out of the depths of the COVID pandemic, is a new, fun, Jeep-ownership ritual – “Jeep Ducking.”


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It all started in July, 2020 in Canada. Allison Parliament, a woman who lives in Orillia, Ontario, Canada but also works in Alabama, and sports Alabama plates on her car, had just returned to her Canadian home, quarantined for the two prescribed two weeks, and had just had a negative test for COVID.


She went out in public and was approached by a stranger who physically attacked her. The man cursed her and told her she was not welcome in Canada. Whereas Canada had a relatively low-level bout with the pandemic, many Canadians were skeptical of seeing Americans coming into the country and possibly spreading the disease.


But Parliament didn’t get angry. Instead, she wanted to do something that was fun and would bring smiles to people, especially in such a tough year. So… she and her friends bought a little yellow rubber duck, and placed it on a Jeep they saw parked nearby… and waited. The Jeep’s owner liked it and considered it funny. Parliament put the incident...

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