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A former auto body repair shop owner and his ex-wife, the owner of a used car business, have been charged in a state grand jury indictment for their alleged roles in a stolen car trafficking scheme.

Fermin Ortiz, 52, whose last known address was in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, and his ex-wife, Judy Perez, 52, of Trenton, were charged June 4 with second-degree operation of a facility for sale of stolen automobiles or parts, third-degree receiving stolen property, and third-degree fencing.

The indictments were announced June 5 by state Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa.

Ortiz and Perez operated Capitol City Collision and Arena Auto Sales, both on Reservoir Street in Trenton. It is alleged that, between July 29, 2007 and October 2, 2008, the defendants used the facilities for the remodeling, repainting, or separating of automobile parts for the resale of stolen automobiles, according to a news release.

Officials allege Ortiz and Perez knowingly received or brought the following stolen vehicles and parts into New Jersey: a 1995 Chevrolet Impala; a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500; a Lexus steering column with air bag; a Lexus dash board with air bag; a Dodge Ram passenger side air bag; a Dodge Ram steering column with air bag; a 2003 Mercedes Benz interior front left door panel; a 2003 Mercedes Benz interior front right door panel; a 2003 Mercedes Benz interior rear left door panel; and a 2003 Mercedes Benz interior rear right door panel.

Second-degree crimes carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in state prison and a criminal fine of $150,000, while crimes of the third degree carry a maximum sentence of five years in state prison and a criminal fine of $15,000.

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After listening to Larry Montanez III of P & L Consultants discuss OEM procedures and repair standards at AASP NORTHEAST™ in March this year, I wanted to know more about him and his company.

First, a little personal history. As a teenager, Montanez was all but obsessive about cars, both in real life and on TV. Enamored with the Batmobile, he remembers that fast American muscle cars were—then and now—“where it’s at.” It’s became a lifelong fascination.

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Man Ray may never have done any automotive art or be as well known in the collision repair community as our best liked airbrush artists or custom painters, but he has been called one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and his photographs, paintings, and drawings are highly sought-after in the international art markets.

A Florida body shop owner was charged with impersonating an insurance adjuster for three carriers at accident scenes to generate more business for his auto body shop, police say.

Vincenzo Gurrera, 43, of Boynton Beach, FL, became the subject of an investigation after numerous complaints were filed against his shop, Collision World, at 610 Industrial Ave, according to the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office and the Sun Sentinel newspaper.

The owner of a Pawtucket, RI, auto body shop at the center of a fraud investigation was arraigned May 21 on three felony counts.

Dino Coccia, owner of AmeriCar Sales and Collision Center at 626 Main St., is charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. A judge set bail at $5,000.