Maaco Launches Catchy ‘Join the Upside’ Ad Campaign

The new campaign includes spots on cable and online streaming services, as well as digital and social channels.


Maaco unveiled its latest national advertising campaign, "Join the Upside," a creative evolution of the 2021 "Upside of Uh-Ohs" campaign, which played a role in achieving the company's best sales performance to date.

The new campaign includes a series of commercials that blend humor with catchy music across popular genres, including modern country, pop punk and '90s hip hop. Developed by the advertising agency Mythic, the campaign's narrative revolves around everyday car mishaps, showcasing characters who turn their unfortunate "uh-ohs" into positive experiences with Maaco's services.

"We didn’t set out to just create commercials. We wanted to build on the musical success of the original campaign by creating memorable earworms and mini music videos," said David Olsen, executive creative director at Mythic.

The creative process involved a collaborative effort with Duotone Audio Group, which was responsible for composing and producing the music that serves as both the backdrop and dialogue of the ads.

The commercials' vibrant and engaging visuals are the work of acclaimed director Drew Kirsch, who has previously collaborated with high-profile clients like Sony and PetSmart, as well as directing music videos for Taylor Swift. Kirsch's unique style, characterized by whimsical storytelling and dynamic color-blocking, brings the "Upside" theme to life in a visually compelling manner.

"This was one of the most fun campaigns I’ve ever shot," Kirsch said. He praised the combination of distinctive music, effective humor and the opportunity to create visually rich narratives as key factors that made the campaign a pleasure to work on.

Maaco plans to disseminate the "Join the Upside" campaign across various platforms, including 15-second spots on cable and online streaming services, as well as 30-second and 15-second formats on digital and social channels. The campaign will also extend to streaming audio, print, social media and digital advertising. Fans of the brand and potential customers can view the campaign elements on the Maaco YouTube channel.

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