XYG Issues Statement in Response to 'Auto Glass Industry Faces Calibration Issues from Two Manufacturers'

XYG Issues Statement in Response to 'Auto Glass Industry Faces Calibration Issues from Two Manufacturers'

XYG issued a statement to correct and clarify the claims made in the “Auto Glass Industry Faces Calibration Issues from Two Manufacturers” article, published March 6 on the glassBYTEs.com website.

The article said “Select Honda vehicles equipped with multipurpose cameras (LDW and LKAS) have become more challenging to recalibrate due to the camera being incorrectly mounted in the bracket, according to some auto glass installers.”

However, the article also made a contradicting claim that “glassBYTEs.com has been receiving reports involving DOT numbers 459 and 563, which installers are saying are at the root of recalibration issues.”

The first statement attributes the alleged recalibration challenges to “the camera being incorrectly mounted in the bracket." This is an issue with incorrect installation---it has nothing to do with the windshield nor the bracket itself. Therefore, the specific connection between the alleged recalibration issue to XYG products is incorrectly drawn.

XYG auto glass products have a proven track record of compatibility with Honda ADAS technology.

Testing performed by Transport Research Center Inc. (TRC), a reputable and independent vehicle testing laboratory in the U.S., on behalf of XYG, evaluated the functionality of the lane departure warning (LDW) and forward collision warning (FCW) systems on a 2017 Honda Civic.

Under controlled conditions on a test track, the vehicle was initially tested with an OE windshield, and then tested again with a XYG windshield installed as a replacement and the camera subsequently recalibrated.

The results of these tests showed, for the 2017 Honda Civic tested, after replacing the OE windshield with a XYG windshield followed by recalibration of the camera, the LDW and FCW systems offered comparable functionality in the cases presented.

This data contributes to an ongoing industry dialog about the efficacy of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on vehicles when using aftermarket windshields in vehicle repairs.

XYG would be more than happy to share the complete TRC report with interested parties upon request.

In addition to aftermarket products, XYG has also supplied OE glass products to Honda’s assembly plants in the U.S. and Canada.

XYG recognizes the challenges relating to ADAS recalibration in the industry and is committed to continue providing ADAS-compatible auto glass products.

Source: XYG

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