Water in Queens Gas Station Fuel Tanks Causes Major Car Damage

Several customers' cars need costly repairs after filling up at the popular gas station.


Drivers in Queens, NY, are reeling after filling up at a popular gas station only to discover their cars severely damaged by water-contaminated fuel. The gas station, located off Grand Central Parkway, has been identified as the source of the issue, potentially due to water infiltrating the underground storage tanks during a June 26 storm.

“It did seem a little weird, because it took a really long time for the tank to fill. It just kept going and going. It was over $100 worth of gas, which has never happened with this car,” Katy Jansing, one of the affected drivers, told CBS New York. “I got back into the car, and it wouldn’t start.”

Jansing’s car suffered damage to its fuel pump, injector and spark plugs, with repair costs running high. The repair shop handling her car reported receiving at least two other vehicles with similar issues from the same gas station.

Rayon, another driver, experienced problems almost immediately after refueling.

“The moment I got the gas, my car started acting funny. Like, about a minute or two after, it shuts off. I have to pull over to the side of the road,” he told the news outlet. Rayon missed work due to the incident, and his initial repair estimate is $3,500.

“If I’m gonna get gas from you, and you’re gonna damage my car, they should at least cover the damage,” he said.

Atlantis Management, which operates the gas station, has yet to respond to inquiries about whether they will compensate affected drivers.

AAA has issued a warning about the signs of fuel contamination, including engine sputtering, stalling and decreased fuel economy. Alec Slatky from AAA Northeast advised, “Don’t drive the car. Get towed as soon as possible, because that’s when you can cause the most grave damage to your engine if you’re still driving the car when signs are telling you shouldn’t be. What we recommend is for the drivers to work something out with the gas station, but you might have to file a claim with their insurance.”

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