Thieves Stealing More EV Charging Cables

Thieves Stealing More EV Charging Cables

Electric vehicles are growing in number as more people buy electric cars and bikes. While you may be thinking your EV is safe from the hands of thieves, as the motor and batteries are concealed under layers of body work, and for cars, the batteries tend to be very heavy, think again. A report from NBC Los Angeles revealed EV charging cables are now the subject of theft.

The report cited the example of Bob Schneiderman, a recent victim of EV charging cord theft. According to the report, a thief in a hoodie and a mask walked up to his driveway, simply unplugged the cord from his car and wall socket, and took off on a bike.

As for why anyone would want to steal the charging cord of an EV, it turns out they’re expensive. It’s speculated thieves flip these charging cords on online selling platforms, or sell them for scrap, as these cables are full of valuable copper wiring. This problem is expected to continue, as charging cords are extremely easy to reach, especially for folks who charge their cars outdoors.

Schneiderman had to fork out $2,700 to replace his lost cable.

With more than 1 million EVs in California alone, this is by no means a small matter. Unfortunately, there’s little the authorities can do to safeguard personal belongings, so the responsibility rests on owners' shoulders. Owners should exercise caution where and when they charge their EV. If they have the luxury of a gated driveway or locked garage, they should charge their vehicle in there. Otherwise, invest in security accessories, such as a padlocked outdoor wall socket.

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