Stellantis Partners with Element 25 to Secure Manganese Sulphate Supply for EV Batteries

Stellantis Partners with Element 25 to Secure Manganese Sulphate Supply for EV Batteries

Veteran automaker Stellantis and battery materials manufacturer Element 25 have signed a five-year deal for the supply of high-purity manganese sulfate monohydrate for EV battery packs.

The agreement includes options to extend the deal’s supply term and volume, with shipments set to begin in 2026 with a total volume of 45 kilotons.

Element 25 will source high-purity manganese sulfate monohydrate for the deal from its Butcherbird project in Western Australia, though the battery materials manufacturer is also looking to build a processing facility in the U.S. Stellantis will also make an equity investment in Element 25 as part of the companies’ agreement.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares was optimistic about the deal.

“Our commitment to a carbon net zero future includes the creation of a smart supply chain to ensure we meet our customers’ desire for EVs. Electric vehicles that deliver breakthrough customer experience in propulsion, connectivity and convenience are central to our Dare Forward 2030 plan that delivers safe, clean and affordable mobility,” Tavares said.

As noted in a press release, Stellantis’ deal with Element 25 will help the veteran automaker secure a steady supply of raw materials for its EV production plans. Manganese, a key element in EV battery cathodes, will be supplied by Element 25. Such a deal would likely be very useful, particularly with the release of large and potentially popular EVs like the Ram 1500 Revolution.

Stellantis has announced its intentions to hit a 100% electric passenger vehicle sales mix in Europe and a 50% electric passenger car and light-duty truck sales mix in the U.S. by 2030. The company also intends to become carbon net zero by 2038, with a 50% reduction by 2030.

Stellantis plans to invest more than $32.3 billion in electrification and software development through 2025 as well.

Element 25 Managing Director Justin Brown shared his excitement about the Stellantis deal.

“Stellantis’ support for Element 25’s high purity battery-grade manganese sulphate project is a fantastic endorsement by one of the world’s largest automakers and validates our plans to become a globally significant long-term supplier of battery materials to meet growing global demand,” Brown said.

We thank Teslarati for reprint permission.

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