Some Ford, GM Union Members Vote Against Tentative Contracts


While the majority of UAW members who have voted so far have done so in favor, the contracts are not a done deal.

GM workers at its Flint, MI, assembly plant and Ford workers at two of its Kentucky plants have voted against labor agreements struck between the automakers and UAW leadership in late October.

Ford, GM and Stellantis all came to agreements with the UAW in the last week of October, ending a six-week strike. However, local chapters must ratify those deals through a vote before they are official.
On Nov. 9, UAW Local 598 workers in Flint narrowly voted to not do so, casting 51.8% of votes against it, Reuters reported.

On Nov. 12, UAW Local 862, representing workers at Ford’s Louisville assembly and Kentucky truck plants, also voted against the contract, also reported by Reuters. The UAW did not say what percentage of the votes were against ratification.

UAW vote trackers show the majority of Ford and GM union employees who voted so far have been in favor of the deal---70.7% and 58%, respectively.

Employees at some of both automakers’ largest plants are set to vote in the coming weeks, including GM’s Arlington, TX, assembly plant and Ford’s Dearborn, MI, truck plant.

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