Opus IVS, CARS Co-Op Network Join Forces to Boost Diagnostic Capabilities


Opus IVS, a leading provider of automotive diagnostic tools and services, announced a strategic partnership with CARS Co-Op Network, a trusted network of automotive collision and repair shops.

This collaboration will enhance diagnostic capabilities for more than 1,200 collision and 600 mechanical repair facilities within the CARS Co-Op Network. 

By leveraging Opus IVS' advanced tools and software solutions, network members will gain access to cutting-edge vehicle diagnostics and technical support, enabling them to provide efficient and accurate repairs. The partnership will also focus on strengthening mechanical programming and diagnostic capabilities for network members, offering an enhanced comprehensive range of solutions to automotive repair professionals.

The partnership provides CARS Co-Op Network members with the following benefits:

  • Advanced diagnostic solutions: Access to Opus IVS' comprehensive range of diagnostic tools, including scan tools, technical databases and remote diagnostic services. 
  • Technical support: Expert assistance from Opus IVS' skilled technicians, offering guidance and troubleshooting advice. 
  • Training and education: Specialized programs and resources to enhance the diagnostic skills and knowledge of automotive repair professionals. 
  • Mechanical programming: Access to cutting-edge mechanical programming capabilities, including ECU programming, system reflashing and key programming.

"We are excited to partner with CARS Co-Op Network," said Brian Herron, CEO of Opus. "Our goal is to empower automotive repair professionals with top-notch diagnostic technology and resources. This partnership enhances our ability to support the industry and drive diagnostic innovation."

Matt Boyles, CEO of CARS Co-Op Network said, "Opus IVS exhibits expertise and commitment to innovation, which aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our network members with the best tools and support available. This partnership will elevate the level of service our members can offer."

Opus IVS and CARS Co-Op Network are forging a powerful alliance, fueled by a shared commitment to collaboration, knowledge sharing and groundbreaking advancements in automotive diagnostics. Together, they are revolutionizing the efficiency and effectiveness of automotive repairs within the CARS Co-Op Network, raising the industry's standards to unprecedented heights.

Source: Opus IVS

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