On The Lighter Side: Suspected Thieves Busted After Stopping To Charge Their Tesla Getaway Car

On The Lighter Side: Suspected Thieves Busted After Stopping To Charge Their Tesla Getaway Car

The two people were caught in their Tesla Model X at a charging station.

Two people accused of stealing $8,000 worth of gaming systems in the state of Georgia were taken into custody after police caught them charging their getaway vehicle, a Tesla Model X.

The story, as reported by Business Insider and Fox Business, says that officers from the Gwinnett County Police North Precinct responded to a theft call where they learned that two individuals had stolen several PC gaming systems from a store and fled the scene in a Tesla.

And it didn’t take long for the suspects to be caught because police found them just 15 minutes down the road from the theft scene, waiting for their Model X getaway car to top up at a location in Duluth, where there are ChargePoint and Electrify America charging stations, as well as a Tesla Destination Charger.

Gwinnett County Police posted a set of photos showing the Model X packed full of boxes of gaming PCs and electric toothbrushes, as well as several guns and two pounds of suspected marijuana.

According to Business Insider, it’s unclear whether the Tesla used by the suspects was stolen or not.

This isn’t the first time a suspected thief was caught because the electric car used for the getaway ran out of juice. Back in 2019, a woman who stole a Tesla Model S in Payson, Arizona, was caught by police after the EV’s range got down to zero.

It’s unclear what kind of Tesla Model X these latest suspected robbers were using, but the latest version of the all-electric American SUV can go more than 300 miles on a single charge, more than enough for any kind of activity. At the same time, a base Model S is rated at 405 miles.

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