New Labor Rate Surveys Available on CAA Website

New Labor Rate Surveys Available on CAA Website

The CAA is pleased to provide its members with all labor rate surveys available from the California Department of Insurance.

The CAA website has been updated as of Jan. 1 and includes new surveys from GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Sentry and USAA.

After logging in to the CAA website, all Labor Rate Surveys can be found under the "Labor Rate Surveys" link.

If you are a CAA member but have not signed up on the website, you can do so through the "Sign Up" button on the top left of the homepage banner, or call our state office for assistance at 916-557-8100 ext.1. Once registered, you will have access to all of the CAA's "Members Only" information and protected content.

It is the CAA's understanding that new surveys are currently being sent to shops. It is vitally important you take the time to fill out this survey completely and return it in a timely manner.

For questions about the Labor Rate Survey process or how to challenge one, consult the following Shop Tips available on the CAA website: Shop Tip 20: Labor Rate Surveys: "What Shops Need to Know;" Shop Tip 25: "How to Challenge Non-Standard Labor Rate Surveys;" and Shop Tip 26: "Can a Standardized Labor Rate Survey be Challenged?"

These tips can be found under "Shop Tips and Resources" in the CAA Members Only section.

Source: CAA

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