Mitchell Diagnostics Reaches 50,000 Milestone for Calibrations


Mitchell, an Enlyte company, on Oct. 27 announced its Mitchell Diagnostics platform has been used to perform more than 50,000 static and dynamic calibrations since 2021.

The total number of calibrations completed by collision repair facilities has nearly doubled since March 2022 and continues to grow exponentially following the company’s successful market launch of the MD-TS21 target system last year.

As auto manufacturers equip new vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), recalibration of the radar, ultrasonic, LIDAR and camera sensors has become essential to proper and safe repair.

OEM procedures now indicate when target-based recalibrations are recommended, but not all automakers require the same steps to complete them. This puts additional pressure on technicians to stay up to date on training and on repair facilities to invest in tooling that supports the ADAS-equipped vehicles and the different makes and models that they repair.

Although organizations can outsource this work, that may add additional time and expense to the job.

“Vehicles are so much more difficult to repair today than they were just five years ago, especially as it pertains to ADAS and other complex electronic systems,” said Jack Rozint, senior vice president of repair sales at Mitchell. “With the MD-TS21, repairers can perform ADAS calibrations in-house. This assists them in maintaining control over the repair while presenting new revenue opportunities for their business.”

The MD-TS21 target system and MD-500 handheld device help simplify both dynamic and static calibrations for today’s most popular automobiles. Powered by Tier 1 supplier Bosch and based on Bosch’s diagnostic licensing agreements with all major vehicle OEMs, the target system supports recalibration of front-facing cameras and radar, prismatic radar and surround view. A gamified user interface and computerized measuring walks repairers through each step in the process. This is designed to reduce cycle time, minimize errors and provide a high level of accuracy on every calibration.

“Since installing the MD-TS21 target system, we’ve greatly improved performance on repairs that require static calibrations,” said David Caulfield, owner of Fix Auto Anaheim North. “The system is simple to set up and makes it easy for our technicians to perform accurate calibrations while improving cycle time. We’re also benefiting from the added revenue by bringing the work in-house.”

Launched in 2017 as the industry’s first diagnostic system developed for the collision repair and automotive claims markets, Mitchell Diagnostics now delivers a complete solution for all-makes scanning, OEM scanning and both dynamic and static calibrations. Its Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS) platform and integration with Mitchell’s cloud-based technologies aids facilities in streamlining workflows and accessing information that will support them in their delivery of a proper and safe repair.

For more information about the MD-TS21 and Mitchell Diagnostics, visit the company’s booth at SEMA (#32245 in the Upper South Hall) or complete the web form.

Source: Mitchell International

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