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Mills Body Shops & Auto Glass Elevates Customer Experience Using Equalizer Products

Britt Decker said he would highly recommend Equalizer products to anyone. The quality and dependability of the products, along with its excellent training, distinguishes it in the market, he said.

Many people have a hard time choosing their career path in life. Not Britt Decker, co-owner of Mills Body Shops & Auto Glass, a multi-shop operator in the Newburgh, IN, area near Evansville.

Britt, who co-owns the shop with his brother, Don, grew up in the industry. “I was born in 1968, and my parents bought the shop in 1970,” he said. “Since the time I was young, I knew I wanted to do this.”

Mills Body Shops & Auto Glass
Location: Evansville (two locations), Chandler, Newburgh, IN
(812) 479-6981

Company At A Glance...
: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 70+
In Business Since: 1970
Number of Locations: Four
Combined Production Space: 30,000 square feet

“This” is growing Mills Body Shops from one shop into four thriving locations. As a result, the MSO has a large market share in the southwest region of the state. Its growth came steadily: In 1977, it moved from its original location into a larger shop. Five years later, in 1982, it added a second location, Mills East. In 1986, it added the Chandler shop and then in 2003, it invested in a new corporate headquarters location offering glassworks in Newburgh.

Decker said having exceptional partners like Equalizer Industries has made the shop stronger, offering exceptional service and care to its customers, many of whom are repeat. Prior to 2003, Mills Body Shops always outsourced glassworks. But in 2003, when it decided to make the investment, it went with the hands-down choice of using Equalizer products for auto glass repair.

The decision was simple. Since Mills Body Shops used PPG as its glass supplier, it was familiar with Equalizer products, because the two companies provided training together. The trust and credibility it had with PPG translated to Equalizer products.

Beyond investing in quality equipment, Mills Body Shops more importantly invests in quality employees who have a strong work ethic, positive attitude, growth mindset and good listening skills.

Decker said the Equalizer Viper and Raptor tools are exceptional.

The Raptor tool is a cord and wire auto glass removal device designed from the ground-up to dramatically improve the power of the vacuum cup with the integration of Equalizer’s AirForce Constant Vacuum Cups. This technology has been specifically developed by Equalizer to create a quick placement and constant vacuum to the glass so the Raptor stays in place and resists sliding.

Like the Equalizer Raptor, the Equalizer Viper is a cord and wire removal device designed for small quarter glass removals, but it can also be used on windshields and back glasses. The double direction capability of the reel allows for optimum use and the magnetic points on the ratchet shaft ensure the ratchet stays firmly attached to the tool, even in steep and vertical scenarios.

Decker said he was so pleased with the Equalizer products he never considered other suppliers. One of the things he feels most differentiates Equalizer in the market is its exceptional training.

He sent two of his leading technicians to a five-day, 40- hour training school---Equalizer’s Auto Glass Academy in Round Rock, TX, taught by Global Education Director Gilbert Gutierrez, one of the inventors of the Equalizer Viper tool. Gutierrez even gave his technicians his cell phone number in case they had questions beyond the training.

The technicians received a voucher to purchase additional products during the training, which they used to purchase the Equalizer Stingray and the Equalizer Pushknife.

To combat the technician and worker shortage, Mills Body Shops grows technicians from within. Apprentice techs are paired with master techs for learning, growth and mentoring.

The Stingray has high torque, fast acceleration and a top-end speed that is faster than any of Equalizer’s Express tools.

How it operates: The plunger floats on a series of ball bearings, and the blade is driven by a floating pin-bearing system. This allows all the power of the Stingray to be pushed directly to the blade. Ergonomically designed, the tool provides repairers with a comfortable and natural grip. Plus the low profile of the handle gives techs clearance no matter which direction they are cutting. The tool has rotating speed control, which gives a wide range of speeds from 500 to 3,000 strokes per minute.

The Equalizer Pushknife is also impressive. It features a rectangular plate for striking with a rubber mallet, enabling power from the mallet to be transferred to the blade and through the urethane. Equalizer blades can be easily changed out by unscrewing the hinged plate that locks the blade in place.

Decker said by investing in quality Equalizer products, his shop is able to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Celebrating 52 years in business, Mills Body Shops values its employees and invests in its staff by giving them the best possible training. They are an I-CAR Gold Class shop and are certified in Nissan, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep and Hyundai.

“We want to be known for quality and how we treat people,” he said. “That’s why we’ve grown consistently each year over the last five years."

Equalizer® Industries, Inc.
2611 Oakmont Drive
Round Rock, TX 78665
(512) 388-7715
Facebook: @equalizertools
Twitter: @equalizertools
Instagram: @equalizertools
YouTube: @equalizervideo

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