Mercedes-Benz Manhattan Incorporates UVeye's Cutting-Edge Vehicle Inspection Technology

Mercedes-Benz Manhattan Incorporates UVeye's Cutting-Edge Vehicle Inspection Technology

The UVeye system uses advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision to conduct comprehensive vehicle inspections.

Mercedes-Benz Manhattan, located on 11th Avenue between 53rd and 54th streets in New York City, unveiled a state-of-the-art Automated Vehicle Inspection machine in partnership with UVeye, making it the first Mercedes-Benz dealer in the Northeast to embrace the technology.

The UVeye system incorporates advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision to conduct comprehensive vehicle inspections, setting a new standard in precision and efficiency compared to traditional methods. The technology scans the vehicle's underbody for leaks and mechanical issues, checks all four tires for sidewall and tread-related concerns, and inspects the exterior for scratches and dents, ensuring every Mercedes-Benz leaving the facility exceeds the highest standards of safety and performance.

Customers can expect a streamlined inspection process, reduced wait times and a detailed overview of their vehicle's service needs. The UVeye system's ability to swiftly detect even the most minor imperfections ensures potential issues are promptly addressed, contributing to a smoother ownership experience. 

In addition to identifying exterior imperfections, the system also checks tire tread depth, alignment issues and even expiry dates, ensuring MBM customers are safe on the road.

"I am excited that we are pioneers for Mercedes-Benz here in the heart of Manhattan," said David Tait, general manager of Mercedes-Benz Manhattan. "UVeye technology will bring a new dimension to our vehicle inspection process and deliver a first-class experience by offering a complete vehicle scan for 100% of our owners at no charge. Seeing is believing when it comes to underbody, tire and alignment services. UVeye's cutting-edge technology will allow us to recommend necessary maintenance and repairs that may have gone undetected otherwise even before bringing the vehicle into the workshop. This adds consistent value for our clients and peace of mind that nothing can be overlooked. This will also allow us to handle the vehicles more efficiently, speeding up the check-in process and keeping vehicles moving quickly through the service lanes."

"UVeye is on a mission to standardize automatic vehicle inspection with some of the most progressive car dealerships in the USA while keeping their customers safe on the road," said UVeye CEO Amir Hever. "After working with several of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, we are now excited to partner with Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan. We look forward to enhancing the customer experience and ensuring both service and sales customers receive a full visual report of their vehicle condition."

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