GM Halts Sales of New Chevy Blazer EV Amid Software Woes

The electric SUV's first owners have reported issues with in-vehicle screens and difficulties using DC fast charging.

GM first announced the 2024 Blazer EV in July 2022.

General Motors announced an unexpected halt in the sales of its new 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV, citing significant software glitches, adding a layer of complexity to GM's ambitious goal of transitioning to all EVs by 2030.

The stop-sale, effective from Dec. 22, was announced following reports from owners experiencing intermittent issues with in-vehicle screens and difficulties using DC fast charging. Chad Lyons, a Chevrolet spokesperson, told the Detroit Free Press engineers are diligently working to resolve these issues.

Despite these challenges not being safety-related, and thus not warranting a recall, they have raised questions about GM's readiness for a full-scale shift to EVs. The Blazer EV is currently being assembled at the Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico, with GM assuring that vehicles will receive the necessary software updates before shipping. Existing owners will be notified to bring their vehicles in for updates once available.

The decision to halt sales comes at a crucial time for GM, which has faced setbacks in launching its Ultium-powered EVs, including the Blazer EV. In a November statement, GM CEO Mary Barra expressed disappointment over the previous year's EV launches, attributing the challenges to issues in battery module production and vowing improvements in the coming year.

Analysts, like Morningstar's David Whiston, view the stop-sale as a potential risk to GM's financial stability and public perception, emphasizing the need for flawless execution of the Ultium platform after the 2023 production problems.

In 2023, GM reported the sale of only 482 Blazer EVs, falling significantly short of its production goal of 150,000 EVs.

The Blazer EV, priced starting at $60,215 and boasting a range of 279 miles per charge, is one of GM's latest ventures into the EV market. However, the software issues, extending beyond battery assembly, suggest deeper challenges in GM's software development for new EV platforms.

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