First Production Tesla Model S Donated to Petersen Auto Museum

Owner and early Tesla investor Steve Jurvetson also donated his Roadster and Model X to the museum.

First Tesla Model S donated to Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA

The first-ever Tesla Model S to roll off the production line has been donated to an automotive museum in Los Angeles by its owner.

Entrepreneur and early Tesla investor Steve Jurvetson donated his Tesla Model S P85 to the Petersen Automotive Museum, he shared on on Nov. 29, along with photos of the vehicle.

Jurvetson also posted quotes from articles covering the Model S upon its 2012 release, and he said reading them gives him goosebumps as he thinks back on that time.

“The Model S isn’t just the most important car of the year. It’s the most important car America has made in an entire lifetime," Road & Track said.

“The Model S feels and drives like the future. It’s a rolling testament to the potential of automotive innovation, and a massive leap forward," according to WIRED.

“The Model S could become the Model T of an approaching petroleum-free era," the New York Times wrote.

“What is the bottom line on the Tesla Model S? It’s an eye-opener like the automotive world has never seen in its entire history," said The Street.

Jurvetson managed to acquire the first production Model S by spotting pricing for the vehicle on an internal Tesla document and writing a check for that amount, despite the fact CEO Elon Musk had already stopped taking reservations for the highly anticipated electric vehicle.

The entrepreneur also donated his Tesla Roadster and Model X to the museum, and he has been outspoken about the vehicles’ place in history over the years.


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