Ferrari Says EV Factory Completion Date is Close

Ferrari Says EV Factory Completion Date is Close

At a recent investor conference, Ferrari CEO Bendetto Vigna revealed the company's electric vehicle supercar production factory is expected to be completed in June 2024.

Ferrari has long been one of the world’s most exclusive automakers, building ultra-fast cars for the ultra-wealthy. Its success has always come from its prowess in combustion engine vehicles.

However, with the world’s transition to sustainable energy, especially in vehicles, becoming more evident, Ferrari has spoken on numerous occasions regarding its future with EVs, and it appears to becoming more real.

In June 2022, insiders from the Italian automaker revealed its third production line at the world-famous Maranello plant would be dedicated to the production of electric vehicles. It would help support the company’s goal of having 40% of its sales be fully electric by 2030.

The factory at Maranello will also be carbon neutral by that time.

Maranello’s EV production efforts “will be ready in June 2024,” and when it is completed, it will produce up to 15,000 all-electric units per year, the company told Bloomberg.

Its first EV supercar will be unveiled in late 2025.

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