Elitek Vehicle Services Joins CCC Diagnostics Network for Streamlined Reporting 


Beginning Nov. 14, the first phase of the integration will allow the seamless integration of scan reports and invoices directly into the CCC ONE work file.

Elitek Vehicle Services, a subsidiary of LKQ, is set to integrate with the CCC Diagnostics Network, to introduce the automation of remote diagnostic services, streamlining the reporting process for customers.

On Nov. 14, Elitek will initiate Phase 1 of its integration, the primary focus of which is the seamless integration of scan reports and invoices directly into the CCC ONE work file. By doing so, Elitek Vehicle Services aims to save time and effort for repair shops while standardizing the documentation of work performed. This not only boosts efficiency but also assists customers in reducing cycle time and providing well-documented records of services rendered.

"Phase 1 of our integration with CCC ONE marks a pivotal moment for Elitek Vehicle Services," said Don Smith, senior director of Elitek Vehicle Services. "It's not just about streamlining processes; it's about redefining how we serve our customers in the marketplace."

"We are always looking to expand the CCC Diagnostics Network to give collision repairers more choices for their diagnostics providers," said Mark Fincher, vice president of product management, automotive services at CCC Intelligent Solutions. "Accessing scan reports in the CCC ONE workfile has shown to be a great time-saver for thousands of shops, and we're excited for shops using Elitek's remote services to see these benefits, too."

The partnership between Elitek Vehicle Services and the CCC Diagnostics Network promises future collaborations and enhancements. Automotive repair shops can look forward to an improved and streamlined experience when it comes to diagnostic services and documentation.

For more information on this integration, visit Elitek Vehicle Services' website.

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