Consumer Reports: New Tech in EVs Still Working Out the Bugs


The magazine's reliability survey of 70,000 vehicles produced in model years 2021-2024 found EVs had about 79% more problems than ICE vehicles.

Consumer Reports recently released its annual reliability survey, showing electric vehicles experience significantly more issues than their ICE counterparts, largely due to new technology that automakers haven’t quite ironed out yet.

“The problems with internal combustion engines are mostly sorted,” Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports senior director of testing, told the Detroit Free Press. “The new problems are mostly associated with electronics: Electric vehicles that use brand new platforms and power trains.”

The survey looked at 70,000 vehicles produced in model years 2021-2024, and found EVs had about 79% more problems than ICE vehicles.

Hybrids, however, reported an average of 26% fewer problems than ICE vehicles, though plug-in hybrids did even worse than EVs---they reported 146% more problems than ICE vehicles.

Consumer Reports Brand Reliability Ratings

1. Lexus
2. Toyota
3. Mini
4. Acura
5. Honda
6. Subaru
7. Mazda
8. Porsche
9. BMW
10. Kia
11. Hyundai
12. Buick
13. Infiniti
14. Tesla
15. Ram
16. Cadillac
17. Nissan
18. Genesis
19. Audi
20. Chevrolet
21. Dodge
22. Ford
23. Lincoln
24. GMC
25. Volvo
26. Jeep
27. Volkswagen
28. Rivian
29. Mercedes-Benz
30. Chrysler

Consumer Reports Vehicle Category Reliability Ratings

1. Compact cars
2. Sporty/sports cars
3. Small pickups
4. Midsize/large cars
5. Luxury midsize/large cars
6. Compact SUVs
7. Subcompact SUVs
8. Luxury midsize SUVs
9. Luxury compact cars
10. Luxury compact SUVs
11. Minivans
12. Midsize two-row SUVs
13. Luxury midsize three-row/large SUVs
14. Midsize three-row/large SUVs
15. Electric cars
16. Electric SUVs
17. Full-size pickups
18. Midsize pickups
19. Electric pickups 

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