Collision Vision Podcast: Value of State Organizations & Regional Trade Shows with Jill Tuggle & Josh Kent

Getting involved locally and nationally builds partnerships that strengthen the industry.


One extremely positive message that has developed out of the collision industry, particularly over the last few years, is the importance of being involved. That applies both locally and nationally. What better people to speak with than Josh Kent, executive director of the Carolinas Collision Association, Gulf States Collision Association and Tennessee Collision Repairers Association, and Jill Tuggle, executive director of the Auto Body Association of Texas?

In this episode, they join host Cole Strandberg to talk about some trends they’re seeing across the nation, the importance of being involved in your local association, and the value of regional shows for the collision repair industry. Enjoy the show!

Episode Overview

Tuggle shed light on the various challenges and opportunities collision repair shops in Texas are currently facing. She discussed the slowdown in shop activity, exacerbated by increasing pressure from insurance carriers. However, she also noted a growing number of shops are seeking education and exploring new business models, demonstrating the industry's resilience and adaptability in Texas.

Kent offered an optimistic perspective from the Southeast. He observed a rise in educated shops adept at using the appraisal clause to their benefit and noted the busy schedules maintained by these shops, suggesting a strong demand for collision repair services in the region.

Tuggle and Kent emphasized the vital role state and regional associations play in supporting the industry. They advocated for active participation in these associations, which provide valuable resources for communication, education and legislation. The collaboration fostered by these organizations is instrumental in strengthening the industry.

The podcast also touched on the various events and gatherings organized by the associations represented by the guests. Tuggle offered a preview of the Texas Auto Body Trade Show, an event that combines educational opportunities with networking and fun activities, particularly emphasizing the inclusion of women in the industry.

Kent described the Southeast Collision Conference, which merges educational classes, a trade show floor and an awards ceremony. This conference not only recognizes industry professionals for their accomplishments but also highlights philanthropic efforts.

To conclude their conversation, Tuggle and Kent reiterated the significance of collaboration and synergy in the collision repair industry. They encouraged body shops to engage with organizations and companies that promote unity and discourage division, as collaborative efforts are key to driving positive change and advancement.

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