Car ADAS Solutions Announces 3 New California Licensees 

The Perod family opened Accelerated ADAS on Jan. 1.

Car ADAS Solutions, a leading ADAS calibration technology and services provider, announced the addition of three new licensees in California. They include Accelerated ADAS in Riverside, owned by Jim Perod; APEX Calibrations in Fresno, owned by Tony Morgan; and Quantum ADAS Calibrations LLC in San Diego, owned by Preston Eherenfeldt

“We are excited to begin our California calibration center build-out with the Car ADAS model,” said Greg Peeters, founder and CEO of CAR ADAS. “These are forward-thinking industry leaders understanding the importance of delivering precisely calibrated advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to ensure a proper repair." 

Accelerated ADAS, Riverside, CA

Jim, Tammy and Stephanie Perod opened Accelerated ADAS on Jan. 1. With more than 65 years combined experience in the automotive industry, the Perod family started their careers in the paintless dent repair (PDR) industry, branched into auto body painting and operate Smart Prep Automotive Reconditioning Inc. in Riverside.

Jim Perod learned about Car ADAS in the fall of 2022 and added a 5,200-square-foot calibration facility as part of his existing business.

“To me, calibration seems like the next evolution of the car business,” he said. “Calibrations are going to be the future of how all cars will need to be repaired.”

Perod worked closely with the Car ADAS team to ensure his facility was equipped to calibrate vehicles properly.

“We provided them the rough parameters of our building and they gave us a layout of everything that needed to be set up and where it should go,” he said. 

This included adding additional space, leveling the floor, pouring new concrete, ensuring the lighting was correct and electrical outlets were in place.

Car ADAS provides in-depth training for all licensees' technicians and is available for ongoing support. 

“We can reach out to their technicians if we run into problems and they and they have been very responsive,” Perod said. “The people they have on hand are long-term techs with extensive experience, which really helps.”

As Perod builds his family's business, he said Car ADAS’s assistance has been beneficial.

“Car ADAS offered us a well-oiled structured machine that would provide us with what is needed as we grow,” he said.

Since opening Apex Calibrations, Tony Morgan and his team have been impressed with the training and support received from Car ADAS Solutions.

Apex Calibrations, Fresno, CA

Apex Calibrations, owned by Tony Morgan, also opened at the beginning of the year. For more than 22 years, Morgan focused his career on the insurance claims and collision repair industries. 

In early 2020, Morgan began researching new technologies and calibrations. He came across the Car ADAS blog in 2022 and was impressed with the content shared. 

“It was really well written and included a wealth of information,” he said. After learning Car ADAS offers a turnkey solution for opening calibration centers, Morgan connected with Peeters to discuss the steps involved. 

“It just makes sense, given where the industry is going,” said Morgan. “It’s something that's needed and not yet fully recognized by collision repair centers and insurance companies.”

After securing funding, Car ADAS helped Morgan find a suitable building, guided the renovation process and assisted in hiring and training staff.

“One of the many areas where they shine is talent recruitment,” said Morgan. “They helped craft the advertisement for the job, looked through dozens of resumes, flagged the ones with the most potential and set up initial interviews.”

Car ADAS also conducted market research and helped bring awareness to the new facility.

Since opening, Morgan and his team have been impressed with the training and support received. “If we have questions any time, we can call any of their team members and they will do their best to walk us through that calibration and so we can get the vehicle back to the customer.”

These services are part of Car ADAS’s 12-step process for setting up a successful calibration center. 

“Whether it's a standalone like mine or a body shop that wants to utilize their space to keep their calibrations in-house, there isn't a better way to do it,” said Morgan.

Preston Eherenfeldt, owner of Quantum ADAS Calibrations, is educating service writers, managers and owners to realize the need to do calibrations as part of the repair.

Quantum ADAS Calibrations, San Diego, CA 

With a passion for cars and a background in the automotive industry, Preston Eherenfeldt recognized the need for calibration. He opened Quantum ADAS Calibrations in San Diego on Jan. 15 with the assistance of Car ADAS. 

Previously, Eherenfeldt ran Preston's Tire and Wheel, established in 1986. Over the years as the business grew, he eventually moved into a 25,000-square-foot facility in San Diego, which was later sold.

When Eherenfeldt was looking to get back into the industry, he learned about the Car ADAS opportunity and was interested in opening a calibration facility. 

“This is a new portion of the automotive repair industry that the dealerships can’t compete in,” he said. “Fortunately, I could open any kind of shop I wanted, but this is unique and interesting so that's what attracted me.”

Eherenfeldt said the Car ADAS team has been very helpful with training and support. “That’s definitely something they have a handle on,” he said. “They know everything about every piece of equipment and training and they’ve done a great job with that.”

Since opening Quantum ADAS Calibrations, Eherenfeldt has focused on building his business. Part of this is educating service writers, managers and owners to realize the need to do calibrations as part of the repair.

“Body shops must understand the liability of not calibrating repaired cars,” he said. “It's also a new profit center for them; it doesn't cost them anything except a phone call to make more profit per repair order (RO) and deliver safe completed vehicles to their customers.” 

Quantum picks up the car, performs the calibration and then returns it to the shop, leaving the customer with a properly repaired vehicle.

Once his business is established, Eherenfeldt’s goal is to open additional centers across the county.

Source: Car ADAS

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