Car ADAS Announces New Licensee in Ohio, Calibration Connection


Car ADAS Solutions, a leading provider of ADAS calibration technology and services, announced the addition of its first licensee in Ohio, Calibration Connection.

Located in Mentor, OH, the facility is operated by DCR Systems, owned by Michael Giarrizzo and Cheryl Boswell.

“We are excited to have Michael Giarrizzo, Cheryl Boswell and the team at DCR Systems open a best-in-class calibration center under the Car ADAS model,” said Greg Peeters, founder and CEO of CAR ADAS. “They are forward-looking body shop owners and industry leaders, understanding the importance of delivering complete and precise advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) calibrations to ensure a proper repair."

Founded in 2004, DCR Systems develops on-site accident repair facilities for auto dealers seeking to outsource this function as an additional fixed operation. They operate nine production cells in four states.

After learning about CAR ADAS at an industry event, Giarrizzo and Boswell talked to Peeters about the company’s 12 elements for opening and operating an ADAS calibration center. Until recently, DCR Systems sublet its calibrations and was interested in finding a way to do them in-house.

It was important for DCR Systems to understand all the components of setting up a calibration center and then have access to support, so they didn’t have to go through a long learning curve.

“I saw Car ADAS as the complete solution,” said Giarrizzo. “They hold your hand throughout the whole process.”

“We wanted to be in the calibration business and Car ADAS offered us the solution to getting started," added Boswell.

Over eight weeks, Car ADAS helped with all facets of setting up Calibration Connection, which included everything from market evaluation to finding the proper equipment and training.

“I've listened to a lot of panel discussions on calibrations, and you can under-equip and over-equip,” said Giarrizzo. “What they do is get you properly equipped.”

Giarrizzo said if he were leading the project himself, he would be leading and learning at the same time, which can take two to three times as long.

The former classroom at DCR Systems’ Mentor location was converted to a calibration center with the assistance of Car ADAS. This included raising the ceiling, adding dimmable lights and leveling the floor. The classroom will eventually be relocated to the upper level of a new addition to the business.

Two existing employees were trained at the Car ADAS facility in Salt Lake City, UT, to run the day-to-day operations at DCR Systems’ calibration facility.

“They came back with rave reviews about the training,” said Boswell. “They are young in their careers and don’t want to make mistakes and realize the importance of the calibration work they are doing and putting a safe vehicle back on the road.”

A Car ADAS trainer also visited DCR Systems for an additional week of on-site training.

Giarrizzo and Boswell are encouraging their technicians to get comfortable and confident in doing calibrations. “Speed will come down the road and it’s starting to happen now,” said Boswell.

The DCR Systems team is impressed with the assistance provided by Car ADAS. Boswell said the team touched base regularly during the setup process with updates and weekly calls.

“This allowed us to flush out any concerns or challenges that technicians were having and help them identify what calibrations are necessary based on the work done to the vehicle,” she said.

One of the biggest concerns and opportunities the industry faces right now, according to Giarrizzo, is calibrations.

“It’s almost frightening the number of calibrations that are being missed in our industry right now with very few people doing them correctly,” he said. “If you have the space and the desire to get into the calibration business, Car ADAS provides an easy entry point.”

Source: Car ADAS

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