Ava, EV Realty to Build Oakland's Largest EV Charging Hub

Ava, EV Realty to Build Oakland's Largest EV Charging Hub

The 33-stall charging station, to be located at Oakland City Center Garage, will boost the city's public fast charging capabilities by nearly 45%.

Ava Community Energy, the primary energy provider in Alameda County and the City of Tracy, alongside EV Realty, a developer of EV infrastructure, announced they will build Oakland, CA's largest public electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging hub to enhance local charging infrastructure and promote environmental sustainability.

The development, underpinned by a 10-year services contract between Ava and EV Realty, entails the creation of a 33-stall EV charging station at the centrally located Oakland City Center Garage, boosting Oakland's public fast charging capabilities by nearly 45%, directly benefiting the adjacent disadvantaged community often overlooked in such advancements.

"We're looking forward to collaborating with EV Realty and EV Connect to bring meaningful environmental change to the residents of Oakland," said Nick Chaset, CEO of Ava. 

EV Realty was selected through a competitive process, reflecting its expertise in providing high-quality infrastructure. Patrick Sullivan, CEO of EV Realty, noted the partnership's potential as a model for future EV charging infrastructure deployment across the U.S. The novel contract structure allows Ava to set consumer-friendly prices, while ensuring project revenue certainty for EV Realty, fostering private investment in public EV charging solutions.

Challenges in electrification equity are at the forefront of this project. California's policy aims to direct investments towards supporting disadvantaged communities. However, barriers such as high upfront costs of electric vehicles and limited access to at-home charging, particularly in areas with high-density multi-dwelling units, persist. This project seeks to address these challenges, ensuring equitable access to charging infrastructure.

Ava, a nonprofit public power agency, operates a Community Choice Energy program serving 14 cities with 1.7 million residential and commercial customers.

Construction of the Oakland charging hub is slated to begin early next year, with completion expected by the fourth quarter of 2024.

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