Almost 250,000 Hondas, Acuras Recalled Over Engine Seize Fears

2019 Honda Odyssey.

The engines used in the affected vehicles could seize because of a badly engineered crankshaft.

Honda is famous for its rev-happy, free-spinning engines, but now the automaker has been forced to issue a massive recall because thousands of engines are at risk of not spinning at all.

The U.S. arm of Honda and its upscale Acura sister brand are collectively recalling close to a quarter of a million cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs after discovering the engines used in those vehicles could seize because of a badly engineered crankshaft. A total of 248,999 vehicles are affected.

The vehicles affected are the 2018-19 Honda Odyssey, 2016 and 2018-19 Honda Pilot, 2017 and 2019 Honda Ridgeline, 2015-20 Acura TLX and 2016-20 Acura MDX. While the NHTSA recall notice doesn’t specify which powertrains are affected, the only engine common between all five vehicles is Honda’s American-built 3.5-liter V6.

Correspondence between the NHTSA and American Honda revealed due to a manufacturing error that occurred in the production of crankshafts, some cranks might have been built with incorrect rod journal specifications. Those dodgy journals could result in a lack of lubrication that might ultimately cause engine damage, and even complete seizure.

“If the connecting rod bearing seizes, the engine can be damaged and run improperly, stall, stop while driving, and/or not start, increasing the risk of a fire, crash or injury,” the NHTSA report said.

Honda first became aware of the problem in 2020 and has so far received 1,450 warranty claims. But starting in January of next year, owners will be notified and asked to bring their vehicles to a dealership for inspection. If the motor is deemed not to be up to scratch it will be repaired with a crank ground to the correct spec, or replaced altogether.

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