ALLDATA Tech-Assist Revolutionizes Diagnostic Hotline Service

Tech-Assist differentiates itself with its team's expertise and the comprehensive support it offers. 


Since its introduction in 2014, ALLDATA Tech-Assist has offered unparalleled support to automotive repair shops across the nation. Staffed by ASE-Certified Master Technicians, the hotline has resolved more than 115,000 cases.

Tech-Assist differentiates itself with its team's expertise and the comprehensive support it offers. With agents boasting an average of more than 25 years in the industry, the service provides advanced diagnostic troubleshooting, step-by-step repair assistance, and live video streaming support.

“Tech-Assist has helped us with some really tough diagnostics," said Brian Bender of Revive Auto Service Center, a newly renovated 12-bay repair facility in Ann Arbor, MI. "We’ve used it as many as four times a week. We had two stubborn Ford EcoSport vehicles that had just been a disaster and they helped us with both of them, saving us a lot of time. They follow up and call back, which is great.

“For any shop that’s on the fence about Tech-Assist, the benefit is that it cuts down diagnostic time, cuts down misdiagnosed repairs, and cuts down on buying the wrong parts, so it saves money," Bender said. "We were using another technical assistance service and it was nowhere near as good. This has been a blessing.”

What sets Tech-Assist apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. The team's callback average is under 30 minutes, demonstrating their commitment to keeping shop repairs on schedule, and their follow-up process involves an average of four calls to ensure a resolution.

Shops can use the free Rescue Lens app to connect with the Tech-Assist agent and show them the problem in real time. The Tech-Assist consultant can even draw on the screen to help pinpoint the diagnostic issue or repair solution.

ALLDATA subscribers can “try before you buy” with a free courtesy case.

The Tech-Assist hotline service is an add-on product for ALLDATA Repair™ or ALLDATA Collision™ subscribers.

Learn more and purchase today at or talk to a representative at 888-727-2434.

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