ADAS Find provides a simple and affordable platform for identifying necessary ADAS calibrations and initializations.


CIECA welcomes ADAS Find as a new CIECA corporate member. Founded in 2023 by Owen VanEck and Aiden Foley, the Michigan-based company was established to provide the auto repair industry with a simple and affordable platform for identifying necessary ADAS calibrations and initializations.

VanEck and Foley learned about CIECA through extensive industry research and networking within the automotive repair sector.

“The organization's reputation for promoting industry standards and collaboration drew our attention, aligning with our commitment to excellence in ADAS solutions,” said VanEck.

He said the company joined CIECA to actively contribute to advancing industry standards and connect with like-minded professionals.

“The prospect of collaborating with experts, staying ahead of industry trends, and contributing to shaping standards excites us the most,” said Foley. “Being part of CIECA allows us to be at the forefront of industry developments.”

“CIECA standards are pivotal in fostering interoperability and seamless communication within the automotive repair ecosystem,” said VanEck. “This not only enhances overall efficiency but also ensures a consistent and reliable experience for businesses and customers alike.”

For ADAS Find, adhering to CIECA standards is crucial in delivering high-quality, standardized solutions to theirclients, promoting trust and reliability in the industry.

By becoming a CIECA member, VanEck said they aim to actively participate in shaping and influencing industry standards.

“We seek to forge valuable connections, stay informed about emerging technologies and best practices, and contribute our expertise to the collective advancement of the automotive repair sector,” he said.

“Ultimately, our membership in CIECA is a strategic investment in the continuous improvement and growth of ADAS Find,” added Foley.

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