Maryland Auto Celebrates 50 Years of Insuring Maryland Drivers 

Published Jan. 26, 2023

In 2023, Maryland Auto Insurance marks 50 years of providing coverage to Maryland drivers unable to obtain auto insurance in the standard market. 

Since its inception in January 1973, Maryland Auto has been a mission-driven agency, dedicated to making auto insurance available to all Maryland residents and to reducing the number of uninsured drivers on Maryland roadways. The independent state agency currently insures approximately 25,000 Maryland drivers. Over its 50 years in operation, the agency has issued millions of policies to Maryland drivers. 

“When we provide insurance to drivers who currently do not qualify for coverage from standard carriers, we also put them on the road to a better life,” said Maryland Auto Executive Director Al Redmer Jr. “The ability to legally drive a vehicle opens the door to opportunity. Maryland Auto gives back a sense of dignity to those who have been rejected in the standard insurance market. Maryland Auto will cover any Maryland resident, regardless of income, education, credit or driving history. Guaranteed. And we provide policy and claims service that matches the larger, standard carriers.”  

In recent years, Maryland Auto’s role has expanded, and the agency has been tasked with leading uninsured driver awareness and amnesty initiatives on behalf of the State of Maryland. It provides financial and driver safety resources on its website and social media channels. The agency partners with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) to engage recently uninsured Maryland drivers, and advise them of their options. 

Additionally, the company’s Uninsured Division handled the state’s uninsured fine forgiveness program, FineFix, which gave approximately 20,000 Marylanders the opportunity to resolve outstanding penalties, clear registration flags and register and insure vehicles. 

“Maryland Auto is a unique entity. No other state has created an agency solely intended to serve the segment of drivers ineligible for coverage in the standard market. Gov. Marvin Mandel and the members of the General Assembly in the early 1970s saw a need for more protection and higher level of service for Maryland residents than an assigned risk pool provides. Maryland Auto was created solely for this purpose,” said Redmer. 

Source: Maryland Auto Insurance

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