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Some California elected officials have long been pushing electric vehicle (EV) usage as a “silver bullet” solution to addressing climate change.

Earlier this month, reports emerged Tesla had terminated an employee at its Fremont, CA, factory over what acting general counsel Al Prescott described as an act of “sabotage” that resulted in the facility’s operations being disrupted for a few hours.

A California law enacted last month that eases the path to workers’ compensation benefits for employees who contract COVID-19 will require an unprecedented level of documentation and communication between claims managers and employers.

Norcal Autobody is reaching out to thank everyone who helped make possible the business’s move to a new building at a new Fortuna, CA, location.

The wildfires along the West Coast of the U.S. are nothing short of devastating.

Thursday, 08 October 2020 21:00

Wildfires and Their Impacts on the Industry

Wildfires have severely impacted businesses, homes and more on the West Coast, and according to news reports, California recorded its first gigafire in modern history this week---a blaze that burns at least 1 million acres of land.