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Tuesday, 19 October 2021 14:24

Ships Waiting to Enter Ports of L.A., L.B. in Record Backlog

Written by City News Service, Los Angeles Sentinel

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The San Pedro Bay port complex, which consists of the two busiest container ports in the U.S., is experiencing its largest backlog of ships on record, with more than 58 vessels waiting to enter the ports Oct. 12.

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The Los Angeles Auto Show announced several highly anticipated vehicles will make their debut at this year's AutoMobility LA®---LA Auto Show's media and industry days---taking place Nov. 17-18.

Monday, 18 October 2021 14:09

CA High School Teaching Teens to Drive Big Rigs During Nationwide Trucker Shortage

Written by Heather Schlitz, Yahoo News

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During a truck-driver shortage that exacerbates the supply-chain issues nationwide, Patterson High School in California is offering an elective class on truck driving to attract young people to careers in the industry.

Monday, 18 October 2021 13:55

The Gecko Will Pay Up: GEICO Settles in California Short Pay Case for $19.5 Million

Written by Rebecca Barnabi, glassBYTEs.com

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GEICO reached a settlement deal of $19.5 million in a class-action lawsuit by California policyholders over sales tax and regulatory fees of insured vehicles and insured leased vehicles when total loss was declared.

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Classic Collision, LLC, a leading national multi-site collision repair operator based in Atlanta, announced three new locations Oct. 15---the acquisition of McCollum Auto Body’s Eugene and Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA, locations.

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Shao Dyi of Parts Warehouse Distributors (PWD) has been appointed to CAWA’s Board of Directors.