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by Jeff Postelwait, Tulsa World

Tulsa resident Bill Knight purchased five automotive dealerships formerly owned by Penske Automotive Group Inc. as well as two collision repair shops Thursday. United Ford's south Tulsa location, Jaguar of Tulsa, and Lincoln Mercury of Tulsa, all near Memorial Drive near the Creek Turnpike; and Volvo of Tulsa and United Hummer at 41st Street and Memorial were included in the purchase.

Central Louisiana was spared full scale hurricane damage in last week’s flooding but estimates of flooded cars are in the many thousands. Alexandria State Farm insurance agent Myron Lawson said some estimates indicate the number of vehicles affected by the storm and the resulting wet weather might climb into the multiple thousands, though no official estimates have been announced. Some automobile claims came directly from Hurricane Gustav, Wednesday morning's flooding in the cities made the number of claims much higher. "[Sept. 3rds] events at minimum doubled them," Lawson said. “The claims process has begun, but it could be days before claims adjusters can look at auto claims. That would only be the beginning. It could be months (before we finish)," Lawson added.

One particular insurance company -- State Farm -- has 5,000 claims alone as of today...,” said Youngberg.

Harwood says he's glad he's insured. “I've lived here for 55 years on West Lynn, and we've never had a storm like that - never,” said Harwood.

Nacogdoches Fire Department Chief Keith Kiplinger said it took all five engines and four hours to contain a fire that left Venegas Auto Sales, 1124 Douglass Road, a pile of ashes and scorched metal.