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Thursday, 03 September 2020 22:48

Lithia Acquires Six More Houston-Area Dealerships

Lithia Motors, Inc. announced Sept. 1 the purchase of the remaining six John Eagle dealerships located in Houston, TX.

Auto glass businesses in Lake Charles, LA, along with many other areas were impacted by Hurricane Laura.

With summer winding down and lawmakers in Washington, D.C., set to resume COVID-19 economic stimulus talks, businesses in Texas are hoping the next round of relief can be resolved quickly.

To keep vulnerable seniors out of crowded lines, Gov. Doug Ducey has tacked on an additional year to Arizona drivers' licenses that expire this year.

Tesla is looking to ramp up its in-car video game presence for owners based on job descriptions on the company’s website.

VeriFacts Automotive announced two new repair facilities have earned the Verified Quality (VQ) designation for their consistent performance to the highest of automotive repair standards.

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