Vermont Tightens Rules for Out-of-State Car Registrations

Vermont Tightens Rules for Out-of-State Car Registrations

Vermont is implementing new requirements for vehicle registrations using out-of-state addresses.

In years past Vermont was happy to register non-residents’ vehicles if they paid the registration fee, which some in neighboring states were happy to do to take advantage of the state’s lower auto insurance costs and taxes.

Beginning July 1, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) stopped accepting registrations from out-of-state owners unless they were able to establish that their own state does not require them to register their car in their home state.

Out of-state registrants must submit a new certification form (VN-102) completed by their home state DMV or a comparable agency, verifying their state has no requirement to register a vehicle there. Vermont officials say they will evaluate all out-of-state transactions based on the applicant’s home state’s laws, regulations and policies.

The new requirements apply to all vehicle registrations using an out-of-state address or a power of attorney.

According to the Hartford, CT-based conservative public interest group, Yankee Institute, more than 3,600 Connecticut residents have registrations for non-business cars or trucks in Vermont.

We thank Insurance Journal for reprint permission.

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